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League of Angels

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League of Angels - A Fantasy Turn-Based Browser MMORPG

League of Angels is a captivating fantasy turn-based browser MMORPG that immerses players into a turbulent world teeming with the forces of evil. This fascinating online game provides an unforgettable gaming experience, taking players on a quest to rescue a hierarchy of beautiful angels.

Engage in a Turbulent World

The game sets the stage in a tumultuous world where chaos and evil are at every corner. Players must navigate through this daunting environment, confront malevolent forces, and strive to restore peace and harmony in the world.

Embark on a Quest to Save Angels

League of Angels is not just about battling evil forces. At the heart of the game is a noble mission to save a hierarchy of ethereal angels. These celestial beings have been captured and it's up to you, the player, to liberate them and restore their rightful place.

Experience the Thrill of a Browser MMORPG

Being a browser MMORPG, League of Angels offers the thrill and excitement of a full-fledged RPG right at your fingertips. There's no need for hefty downloads or installations. All you need is a browser and you're ready to embark on your adventure.

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Publisher: AMZGame
Registrations: 250
Review Score: 2472

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"Seems the guys' level are too high to reach ,when will we got a new server for the first three?"

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AMZGAME January 07, 2015

The game with the new year would be better to play .I have played it for myself .When you got a quesion ,we can also discuss here .Thank you all

AMZGAME January 06, 2015

We will open new servers from 10:00 a.m EST,8th January .That means only three days left ,come and play please ...

happylad January 06, 2015

When will open a new server ,I wanna be the first !!!

happylad January 05, 2015

Seems the guys' level are too high to reach ,when will we got a new server for the first three?

AMZGAME January 05, 2015

waiting for the new server for first .Long time stay on S7 ,after 80th .not happy

JackLee December 29, 2014

I love the game ,love the angels .But there still need something like GM not funny improved on AMZGame ,.But I think it is better since these days I saw for us to play game with good experience .Now I am here waiting new servers for the first .

happylad March 04, 2015

Never get a high BT to reach those guys ,I need a new server .Any body avalible ?