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Mafia Fellas

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MafiaFellas: Step into the Shoes of a Gangster

MafiaFellas is a free web browser MMORPG that provides an exciting and immersive gaming experience. This thrilling game allows you to step into the shoes of a gangster and rise through the ranks to become the Boss of your Mafia family.

The Mafia World Awaits You

Earn Your Respect

In MafiaFellas, respect is earned, not given. As you navigate through the treacherous world of Mafia, your actions and decisions will determine how others perceive you. Will you be a feared leader or a respected one? The choice is yours!

Prove Your Leadership

MafiaFellas is not just about power and respect, it also tests your leadership skills. As the Boss, you are responsible for leading your family to glory and prosperity. Can you make the tough decisions that a leader needs to make? Prove it in MafiaFellas!

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Publisher: Σ Studio
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Review Score: 781

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