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Mythic Reign


Mythic Reign - A free online fantasy text based roleplaying game - The world is not what it used to be - The Veil between the planes of existence has torn - Choose 1 of 10 species and fight for the right to call a part of Ozryn your own.

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"Yes! This game is super awesome and I totally love it and everyone should play it right now"

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abimasters April 07, 2023

Yes! This game is super awesome and I totally love it and everyone should play it right now

abimasters August 22, 2019

SOOO many game updates!!!! Come join our small community!

abimasters August 17, 2019

LOVE Mythic Reign! Frequent Updates with an Admin who listens to players. Just added 5 new species! Love this gmae

abimasters April 16, 2019

I have played a TON of these text based RPGs and Mythic Reign is by far the best one. The people are awesome, we're a small community, hoping for more friends. The game is fun with lots to do. The admin listens to ideas which is awesome. Come and hang out

birdyluv0 July 18, 2015

This is one of the best text based games that I have ever seen. It's really fun, and I really recommend that you try it!

Angel1616 July 31, 2014

I like Mythic Reign. You get to choose an element and also your species,instead of a regular vamp and were thing. The tutorial is thorough and clear,and MR has an awesome community ready to help anybody. There is much to do besides PvP and all,plus we have the occasional war,the kind of war is always different-from element to gender. I'm sure you'll like this game.

ShiroyoOchigano July 29, 2014

One of the best text based mmorpg game I have played so far.

Yuuusuke May 27, 2021

it was complicated enough to indimidate me to not play this game, I know at some point the player would've been able to point out the features of each button/hyperlink; it's still quite intimidating at how many buttons there are that you don't know the purpose of.