We are cellebrating 16 Years!!!

Positive Score: 1536240 | Reviews: 144
ryanbishop96 July 30, 2023

I find this game to be highly entertaining, with tons of good help base content, and wonderful lore. Almost every item you click on has a backstory and description, and there is tons of activities and content to keep someone entertained. I'd recommend.

Jedimiah December 31, 2021

Happy New Year. CE is best online game ever. This month many competitions and free rewards.

Jedimiah December 24, 2021

For last two months there have been numerous contests with prizes. Core Exiles is best game on internet. Happy Holidays to all.

Jedimiah December 07, 2021

Best online game ever. Right now loads of Christmas goodies are available for players.

Jedimiah December 02, 2021

Greatest online game ever. Coops and development team do a great job. Highly recommended.

Jedimiah November 25, 2021

Core Exiles is the best online game. Constant competitions and always being upgraded with new items and adventures.

Jedimiah November 18, 2021

Core Exiles ia the best online game. Coops and the Staff do an excellent job of upgrading the game. New challenges almost everyday. Been playing game since 2014.

Alima Lyndarra March 27, 2021

Awesome game and still growing. I highly recommend this game. 10/10

OtherRick June 26, 2020

Core exiles is a surprisingly open sandbox game which encourages player interaction, and where the game developers are actively involved in the community. You could do [almost] everything in Core Exiles without talking to another player, but why would you? There are so many reasons to interact, from discounts on purchases, availability of a material you need a lot of, to some of the most useful docking locations, guild bonuses, silly news headlines, and more. Come explore the galaxy, captain!

LifesaverM March 27, 2019

Fantastic depth of game play. Many career choices and paths to take. 100s of in game items that are craftable, etc.

Jitel March 24, 2019

This game is just great. A huge variety of activities and a wonderful friendly community of players will surely make it my home for many years to come.

John Carter Barsoom February 09, 2018

Core Exiles is a very good, turn-based, rpg in space. The freedom is breathtaking. You really can be whatever you choose in this game: trader, fighter, explorer, crafter, business tycoon, pirate, whatever. There are several galaxies and hundreds of star systems to explore. The player support is genuine and so is the friendliness among the players. Core Exiles is a thoughtful and enjoyable game in a science fiction setting, and it is worth checking out.

MasterShri January 28, 2018

ok.. its my first comment on any game, ever.. and am 40yo. Its good game. Fu that modern graphic but mindeless games. Like in old days playing Elite.

amac5000 August 18, 2017

Core Exiles is an awesome and currently very active community

Mason50 December 22, 2016

A very deep game that is easy to grasp! Combat, crafting, and economics, oh my!

Thomas101 November 04, 2016

I think core exiles is a great game.I like that you can pick your own space ship in it.

playerxyz July 07, 2016

Nice game, but could definitely use a better wiki. The game is complex and needs something better than a wiki mostly filled with repetitive, copypasted contents from the game itself.

playerxyz July 03, 2016

UI is a bit chaotic and might need a clean-up, otherwise nice game

brews June 28, 2016

Awesome game! Friendly community, lots to do, in-depth game!

Lord Orion February 27, 2016

Great game !! Alot of choices to play and a great community.

OpusGamer February 23, 2016


OpusGamer February 22, 2016

An excellent browser game! Lots of fun and plenty to do, will keep you busy for hours. Good Hunting!

OpusGamer February 21, 2016

Excellent 4X Game! Make sure you do the \"tutorial\" missions. Lots of rewards and NOT boring at all! There is really great depth to this browser Sci-Fi game. There is even a players market which many of these games do not have. If you're in-game look for me! ---> Timil Deepson Have fun and GOOD HUNTING!!!

revetzu February 20, 2016

Just playing for a 3 months already and now i have a new life here in Core Exiles. This game is like a story book and you as one of the characters of the story. Best game ever.

Thindor January 19, 2016

Core Exiles is a massive game that you can easily get absorbed into. Its numerous systems can engage you for years, never running out of new things to strive towards. The game is actively updated, adding new options or expanding on current ones at a reasonable pace. There's a great community and a responsive game staff to interact with. There is a refreshing lack of direct PvP, yet the game has numerous ways to cooperate or compete. I look forward to playing ever day. - Zoorland

daredevilpt January 17, 2016

This is the mmorpg that I've been playing the longest - you have so much freedom to do whatever you want, that you can be a trader, then a fighter, explorer... Community is awesome and you can play at your own rhythm, so no need for daily logins.

alumoi January 14, 2016

Best game ever! No PvP, no buy nonsense, perfect game for the long run. Captain Alumoi recommends it.

ladypayne January 14, 2016

Too much good to say about the game. I kept making this post TL;DR Core Exiles has everything I like in an RPG and none of the things I hate. (Always hated having to run from one place to another.) The artwork is beautiful, the game is still being developed and expanded, and it's been active and stable for 10 years. Come try it out. It may not be for you. Or it may be one of the most satisfying games you have ever played. Captain Bloodskye, 2 years and counting.

ladypayne January 13, 2016

Too much good to say about the game. I kept making this post TL;DR The artwork is beautiful, the game is still being developed and expanded, and it's been active and stable for 10 years. It has more activities than any MMORPG I have played and none of their irritants. Come try it out. It may not be for you. Or it may be one of the most satisfying games you have ever played. Captain Bloodskye, 2 years and counting. sRhe

Lord Orion January 12, 2016

Great Game!! An Universe of choives to try and no need to rush.

SpaceBucks January 12, 2016

What makes Core Exiles so fun is the interaction between fellow players. You are not playing to kill people, so the environment is a game of folks helping each other. It is fun and very addicting. Though the learning curve of the game is steep, your fellow players will aid you along, because we are always learning ourselves. Give it a try, you will be hooked if you give it a chance.

Xanid January 12, 2016

Fantastic game with lots of interesting things to do, all at your own pace. I wish I had stumbled across CE years ago. Captain Xanid will be playing this gem for a long time!

jaclarri January 11, 2016

I have played Core-exiles for over a year i do love the game. My pilot in the game is jaclarri the game keep change in a way you will always have things to do. that is what make me want to keep playing

blueblue January 11, 2016

great game...great depth. Friendly people who also seem to have been lost in core exile space for ages. This is also one of the only online game i've supported with real life credits! 10/10..........

korruptsoul2 January 11, 2016

always searching for that one game to satisfy, Core-Exiles is that game. Core-Exiles has everything you could ever want in a casual space game, its got real strategy, player driven economy with over 600 resources to collect, extract, create. asteroids to mine, nebula's to harvest, over 100 ships to build and buy, space stations to build. 100's of planets to explore With 6 fully explorable Galaxy's and 1000's of planets, where will you leave your mark? captain; korruptsoul2

SpaceBucks January 11, 2016

Core Exiles is a complex but highly addictive game. The learning curve is steep, but your fellow players make the game great fun. I play as Captain SpaceBucks, if you decide to give it a go, come say hi!

jager 602 January 10, 2016

I have played this game for over a year and I'm still only scratching the surface as far as all the activities I can take part in. I'm looking forward to playing and advancing for a long time to come.

Soniczap January 10, 2016

I've played a lot of Space browser games and find Core Exiles to excel in player engagement and complexity. Though it can be hard to break into, it is definitely worth giving a try. The development team and player base are regular features and you see real activity from all sides, all the time.

locknload January 10, 2016

A unique game that works your mind more than your reflexes. Many options available to guide your Adventures. Space Combat and Space Trading has been my Mainstays. You can Craft Weapons along with Cargo Expanders...Shields...Hull Repairs and Armor Repairs. You can place a Settlement on a distant Planet. Exploration of the known Universe is available. All around great Game. Locknload 6yr+ Exile

korruptsoul2 January 10, 2016

I am a gamer at heart, from Console to PC i am always searching for that one game to satisfy. Well look no further, Core-Exiles is that game. Core-Exiles has everything you could ever want in a casual space game, its got real strategy, player driven economy with over 600 resources to collect, extract, create. asteroids to mine, nebula's to harvest, over 100 ships to build and buy, settlements and space stations to build, create, run. 100's of planets to explore and even claim.

blueblue January 10, 2016

great game. great depth, lots to do with no annoying pvp. fans of elite or the X-terran games must stop by here! This may be the only small indie i spend real cash on....blueblue

Bebeb January 10, 2016

Only true FREE to play game i have played in many years. Every other so called free to play game has a wall in it somewhere that requires you to pay to keep up or even survive at all, not so with CE, every part of the game is open to all and every item/resource can be got just by playing. Sure there is a shop if you feel like supporting the dev team but it is not a requirement to get anywhere or do anything

Viper20 January 10, 2016

Great Game-Lots of friendly players and all kinds of challenges... a great break from the usual \"SHOOT'M UP\" stuff Viper20

Big Dragon January 10, 2016

This is Captain Dagon Hammersmith, I really enjoy this game. Once you join up and need help just get in contact with me and I will help you out.

TeeMack January 09, 2016

Captain TeeMack likes this game lots! it is very addictive. If i had an endless supply of fuel, i might never stop playing!

alumoi January 09, 2016

Captain Alumoi reports, after 5 years of daily play\" best game ever! No PvP, open career path, friendly players and devs, lot of fun. Be whatever you want (miner, trader, crafter, bounty hunter, pirate, explorer), do whatever you feel.

Lord Orion January 09, 2016

Core-exiles is the perfect game for you if: - Your not fixated on PVP. Plenty of things to kill around without bothering other players game - Your not scared on the huge set of choices you can make in the game. You choose what you want to play (you can change your mind). - You like to play when you want. It can be harsh for the beginner (I know, been playing for less then 1 month), no one said space was easy. Solution: Ask around in chat, other players will give you alot of help.

alumoi January 09, 2016

Captain Alumoi here, reporting live from one of the best games out here. This is the game I've been waiting for: no PvP, no set path, lot of things to do. Want to be a miner, trader, pirate, bounty hunter, crafter, esxplorer? Want to be all of this and more? Come and find out. Best of all: friendly players and devs and no 'buy this if you want to advance in game' nags.

drew33 January 09, 2016

Hi my captions name in core-exiles is drew33 and i real like the game you have to think and panl a had.

jaclarri November 27, 2015

Great game i have alot of fun playing and helping others

Zyl Eridani November 24, 2015

Friendly Gaming Community. Solid game. Numerous paths to success. Still new and there's crafting and settlements and it's a nice challenge. And they have an EPIC list of commodities... so if that's an appeal, you should definitely check it out!

Raid October 23, 2015

Gonna try this game ASAP. Should be interesting it seems

xenophobe August 23, 2015

I found this gem on a top 100 website and have been playing it for about a week so far. I have found interesting enough to keep playing it. One of the best features is the playability - the time/turn limiting factor of fuel can be stored up and played on weekends or you can play every day.

slurmewerds July 31, 2015

Best space game I've found yet! So many Avenues to explore. Never bored

slurmewerds July 29, 2015

Vast in depth game that will keep you playing for years. Love this game!

5hortpants July 21, 2015

Great game! Plenty to explore, supportive players and staff!

Big Dragon June 15, 2015

When you first start you want to get as high as fast as you can, then you realize that you have time and there is so many things that you can do. You can really go all out in several different areas. Just pick one and work it for a few months, then if you like that then you will love doing more. Have fun!

yordstorm April 13, 2015

I just started playing this game a few days ago. Core-Exiles is awesome! I love this game! So much to do and learn! :) Hope you like space adventures!

Big Dragon April 03, 2015

If you are looking for a long term game to play, this is it.

Marmite March 30, 2015

Great game. Lots of depth.A steep learning curve at the start but a supportive community.

Axetylen March 15, 2015

It's good. A little confuse at the start though. Recommend for everyone.

Zaniah January 22, 2015

Awesome game! This is not a PvP. never gets boring. Always something to do.

eye8urcake December 03, 2014

I LOVE this game. It's fun and interesting and the dev runs an amazing community with role-play, prizes and giveaways galore. Free to play, and tons of fun.

EatenByPie November 23, 2014

Awesome game, fun to play and friendly community. Its definitely a long time commitment to go far in the game, but in the chat there are tons of helpful players that can aid you in getting started.

Jumper11550 September 19, 2014

Core Exiles is a great sci-fi browser game. It has enough different things to keep you busy for years, as well so fostering a great community and it comes with the great bonus of no PvP.

Carabao August 25, 2014

The game is massive! It offers a wide range of choices to your destiny!

Hanathus August 23, 2014

Fantastically fun game, probably the most fun I've had with a free game. Thousands of items to craft, hundreds of planets to visit, it's all good fun.

stancliff July 19, 2014

I like the challenge of economic games. It has a lot going on.

Bloodskye July 17, 2014

The best PvE game I've ever played. Well worth trying.

vgorlove June 23, 2014

very addictive game, many roles possibilities, new features being added to the game frequently

Lars Leech May 13, 2014

Awesome variety and epic scope. Core-Exiles lets you play the way you want.

Lars Leech May 11, 2014

Core-Exiles might be the best free game I've ever played.

Bloodskye May 10, 2014

Such a refreshing change of pace. I heartily recommend it for anyone who wants the fun of playing without all the tedium of artificial time sinks.

lakaishia April 14, 2014

Pretty awesome game! I joined just yesterday and already enjoy it immensely!

DorkityPuup April 14, 2014

Fun casual mostly PVE space trading, combat, exploration online game. There's a lot to do and discover.

Gamezealot February 11, 2014

Good solid space game based in a browser. Really friendly and helpful community. Will suit space fans, and more mature, intelligent folks. :) Enjoy exploration, combat, crafting, trading, and more!

Naeblis July 22, 2013

Fun, laid back game, with lots of stuff to do, and a good community.

MrOpso June 15, 2013

Core-Exiles is a deep complex game with many aspects. As each journey starts with a single step so competence of the different aspects of the game stat with the first ore mined or the first item crafted and sold. As you progress through the levels you make the choices about which skills to build up and which professions to excel in. The game is balanced and challenging from the start, the large number of players still there after some years shows that the challenge continues. Come, join us.

Jedrik McKie June 01, 2013

Core Exiles is an awesome game. Really friendly players and no PvP so everybody is really cooperative. When you sign up say you were referred by Jedrik McKie and we both get swag when you reach Lvl 20. PM me in game.

isaacssv558 May 23, 2013

This is a fun game try it out, say you were recommened by isaacssv558.

skyarix April 21, 2013

Very interesting game! You won't regret playing it!

drewwid March 01, 2013

This game is great, its definitely a long time commitment to go far in the game, but in the chat there are tons of helpful players that can aid you in getting started.

Albert Ross January 30, 2013

Gripping without the desperation of many others games. Many routes to choose from and later return to.

DecideForYourself January 16, 2013

This is one of the most amazing MMORPG games i've ever played on the internet, and the best part is even though premium content purchase keep the game afloat, they don't make the game a \"Pay to Play\" game, Coops has managed to maintain a strong balance between both paying and free players. Highly recommend this game if you have time to put into it

Tehol January 02, 2013

A great, user friendly, game that I highly recommend for online gamers. I play on Apple IOS and this is one of the few browser based games that is both compatible, and uses a graphical interface rather than a text based one.

Shaider December 31, 2012

Interesting game to play. Many things to do in this game won't be bored. Only thing is you need tons of fuel to do all the things you would want.

lolilowe November 19, 2012

Very in depth game with the most helpful community i've ever seen in any MMO Game! -Lolilowe

GrolschMan November 15, 2012

Not bad. Good clean space-faring fun. Interactions are only as complex as you want them to be.

bartok November 10, 2012

Amazing game. Variation seems to be endless. You get bored doing one thing so you just start doing something different to continue advancing. No boring building times.

Ravenwood240 October 19, 2012

A very well thought out game, with enough to do that any person can find something they like to do. From mining to mech wars, there's something for anyone, without the PvP so common to most games.

garavi October 13, 2012

Very good game which allows you to chose your carrier.

osgoodson September 10, 2012

Nice game so far. No hand holding but no rush, a real sandbox.

Phineas Baritone September 05, 2012

There is always something for you to do. Play as much or as little as you like. You may make a friend or two.

steekay August 27, 2012

Core-EXiles is a game unlike any other i played before. It is not a macho game where what counts is how many enemies you killed, how quick you react, or who is the strongest. It is more about intelligent choices you make into pursueing one or several professions. Plus, there is the community there that is so friendly :) These are only some of the reasons why i love this game. Sophie.

Mosaics4u August 22, 2012

Great, very family friendly, evryone helps. great fun.

m1ckey91310 August 09, 2012

Nice games and it s a not a easy games and there is many players

Sky August 08, 2012

This game falls short of most web based MMORPG games. It has a very old style, poor design, and so on.

Sky August 08, 2012

I like so lot this game and i love ecerybody whi play

kg21fan August 04, 2012

I like it good game lots of fun you know the good old stuff

Forrest46 August 04, 2012

its not to bad, espiacllyt if you like space and exploring

lemaole July 18, 2012

This is a really great game. So much to do never get bored.

nook July 12, 2012

Day 4 has been filled with improving my ships abilities and attempting to make credits. Complicated yet intriguing

nook July 11, 2012

I started 3 days ago. It keeps me coming back for more.

kubaf July 05, 2012

A LOT to do in the game, but nothing forced on you. A friendly trading game, with great guilds. A very good game, come play too :)

AaronGR May 24, 2012

Great amazing game, if you have not tried it what re you waiting for! Get there and add me to your friends or just message me AaronGR willing to be any ones friend!

Nutcase May 21, 2012

fantastic game! Im level 32 now, discovering new sides to the game every day!

arkyt May 09, 2012

Very fun game so far, and enjoying it. A lot of depth to the game with a very non-linear approach.

jcheung April 10, 2012

little slow to start with, but the environment is nice, and you learn a little on how to work with others

jcheung April 08, 2012

if you need anything, you can ask your guild mates or even total strangers and odds are that they will assist you.

jcheung April 07, 2012

the community is very helpful, there are even chats to assist you if you need it!

Alan Sinclair March 17, 2012

good game, lots to do. Great community of players to hang with.

qzwx19 February 24, 2012

Great addictive game loads of fun... very large variety of thing to do... really recommend it

Phineas Baritone February 17, 2012

Highly-addictive space exploration/mining/combat/engineering PBBG of the highest class!

dsc69 January 22, 2012

There is incredibly so much to do in this game that you will not be able to do all the functions in the game for months.. trust me, I know..

Therdra January 22, 2012

constantly under development so there's always new stuff to try (or ignore if it's not to taste)

dsc69 January 21, 2012

There is so many differnt things to do in this game that you will literally never be able to get them all done within a few months :)

Vengeance22 January 13, 2012

Cool game been playing it for 3 years now. You just have so many options for your character that you will be amazed.

pikolinian January 11, 2012

Great Game, without doubt. I'm flying spaceship, killing aliens, trading with other players, doing various missions for NPCs. Like in old good frontier, but online, with friends, with many, many options. And game is growing, every week there is new content... Well, everymonth :) Superb game!

Strongrunner January 05, 2012

This is a really good game where everyone is really helpful to every player old or new ... In fact I have never played in a game quite that friendly before... If you are starting out in the game the starter missions will ease you into the game and if you are stuck there is always someone available to help you out.. This Game never resets and is always being expanded upon....

Therdra January 05, 2012

Good game with a lot of depth and you can spend as much time (planning, some more time intensive career choices, and/or mechs) or little as you want daily

Amoran December 24, 2011

It has an interesting style to it so if you like scifi type games you might enjoy this one.

Jovaak December 20, 2011

Still the #1 on-line game there is. Keeps you coming back for more and more.

Oso December 14, 2011

Excellent depth of play and holds your interest for months, years even. The single most friendly and helpful player base of anyplace I have found on the web to date.

Rexx Shredd December 07, 2011

I've played many games over the years and nothing matches the depth and scope of Core Exiles. There are no classes , preset plans, or \"follow-the-dots' to the next level - You make your own destiny here

pikolinian December 01, 2011

Very, Very, Very good game. something like Elite or Frontier. Flying, trading, Fighting, crafting, mining Asteroids and many more. Best thing is lack PvP, so you don't worry about thieves, bandits and like :)

Hairyskinback December 01, 2011

New to the game and love the community already. Really glad I joined. :)

Hawke November 23, 2011

Don't play it if you don't want to get addicted: there is always something else to do or another way to waste you ingame fuel and creds

Armchairadventurer November 21, 2011

I've played a lot of browser games- including some of the top rated ones, like Astro Empires. This is the only one I am still playing, after some two years of trying the various browser games. The game is free, just as advertised, and free players can actually do as well as paying ones, unlike many similar games which are not so well balanced. There is a lot to learn in the game, but you can make respectable progress in the game, learning as you go. Awesome game- I highly recommend it!

baileyn November 21, 2011

I've been playing over 2 and half years now and it never gets dull. Always something new coming into the game to keep it fresh. The most enjoyable game I've ever played.

McHuberts November 21, 2011

This gam e is great. I looked for such a game a long time and 6 months ago I found it. Now I am level 50 and still have to discover a lot. This game has so much depth and the developers are constantly improving the game and adding more content. Take a look and decide for yourself.

Berzerkus November 13, 2011

This is pretty cool game my second one for MMORPG and You should try it :P

Tain Shari October 24, 2011

This is one of the greater space browser games I've played on the internet. Several Professions to choose from and loads of endless things to do in the game. I've played for a while now and they are always adding new things to do in the game. I've never seen a game add so much at a constant rate. It also doesn't punish you if you don't want to pay to play. There are benefits for those that pay but they don't unbalance, just enhance your account. Very Nice.

Bebeb September 30, 2011

I Came from a full on PvP game To Core Exiles and could not believe how helpful the Devs, Staff and players were to the lowest lvl players asking Qs. made me want to play through the hard parts to find the gems of the game (literal and figurative), wit has much to do now and additions coming all the time there is always something you haven't done.. yet. Come give it a try :)

Elkhorn August 20, 2011

A fantastic game. I actually stopped playing most other games when I found this one. The depth and versatility of careers is amazing. Free really means free, though there is stuff you can purchase it isn't necessary to advance in the game.

sirfoxey August 19, 2011

WOW!! This game is sensational. Can be completely played for free and extremely in depth. I suggest everyone sign up and give it a solid go, you will be addicted to it in no time.

Brandric August 19, 2011

excellent game with immense depth. Not for the faint hearted perhaps, but once you are in, it is incredibly hard to put it down. the community is like no other, very friendly and mature.

Sunflowers August 08, 2011

I really enjoy playing this game. There's a lot of depth to it and so many different things you can do. I also like the IRC chat where you talk to other players and get help. The game is constantly being updated. There's been a whole new galaxy added in the past month and the developers actually listen to what the players want. CE has a forum as well where players can make suggestions and post blogs. Well worth playing!

Negative Score: 1166 | Reviews: 4
SusanVegas March 09, 2023

Possibly one of the worse browser games I've played in recent memory. It is very dated, the story and lore of the game is laughable and is heavily pay to win. It seems the reason this game is rated so highly here is that it forces you to vote favorable to get fuel in the game to carry on playing - or of course spend real money on it smh

Mikas60 January 16, 2012

This game falls short of most web based MMORPG games. It has a very old style, poor design, and so on.

deatznce0 November 23, 2011

The Gameplay is a bit slow, compared to other similar non-browser version, it takes quite a long time before things get done...

Eucytus October 23, 2011

Doesn't seem to include any actual game play. Click things, punch numbers into boxes. Includes way too many things to do and items to collect, which is confusing and disorienting for new players.