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Core Exiles

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Core Exiles: A 2D Text PBBG Epic Space Game

Core Exiles is an immersive, 2D text, Persistent Browser-Based Game (PBBG) that takes you on an epic space adventure. The game offers a dynamic platform where you assume the role of a Captain of a small vessel, cast out into the vast expanse of the Galaxy. Your mission is to make your fame and fortune, navigating the challenges and opportunities of space exploration.

One of the unique aspects of Core Exiles is its persistent game environment. Unlike many browser-based games that reset after a certain period or level, Core Exiles does not. This persistent nature of the game enables players to build on their progress continuously, without the fear of losing their accomplishments. It creates a sense of continuity that adds depth to the gameplay and keeps players engaged.

The game's 2D text-based format might seem simple, but it's a canvas for your imagination. It allows for a rich narrative and strategic gameplay that is both challenging and rewarding. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or new to the world of PBBGs, Core Exiles offers an engaging platform to explore the boundless universe, build your empire, and write your own space saga.

Giftshop Items

This game provides giftshop items, you can exchange gold you receive for voting, for game benefits provided here.
Core-Exiles 1 Month Premium Account
Price: 35 Gold
Core-Exiles Bio Fuel Ticket 500 Units
Price: 15 Gold
Publisher: Dream Games Studios
Registrations: 5314
Review Score: 1541180

Game Statistics

All Time 1535312 1505
Last 3 Months 8300 273
Previous Month 2898 90
This Month 2004 69
Previous Week 651 22
This Week 150 4
Yesterday 97 3
Today 63 1
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"I find this game to be highly entertaining, with tons of good help base content, and wonderful lore. Almost every item you click on has a backstory and description, and there is tons of activities and content to keep someone entertained. I'd recommend."

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Latest reviews

ryanbishop96 July 30, 2023

I find this game to be highly entertaining, with tons of good help base content, and wonderful lore. Almost every item you click on has a backstory and description, and there is tons of activities and content to keep someone entertained. I'd recommend.

Jedimiah December 31, 2021

Happy New Year. CE is best online game ever. This month many competitions and free rewards.

Jedimiah December 24, 2021

For last two months there have been numerous contests with prizes. Core Exiles is best game on internet. Happy Holidays to all.

Jedimiah December 07, 2021

Best online game ever. Right now loads of Christmas goodies are available for players.

Jedimiah December 02, 2021

Greatest online game ever. Coops and development team do a great job. Highly recommended.

Jedimiah November 25, 2021

Core Exiles is the best online game. Constant competitions and always being upgraded with new items and adventures.

Jedimiah November 18, 2021

Core Exiles ia the best online game. Coops and the Staff do an excellent job of upgrading the game. New challenges almost everyday. Been playing game since 2014.

Alima Lyndarra
Alima Lyndarra March 27, 2021

Awesome game and still growing. I highly recommend this game. 10/10

OtherRick June 26, 2020

Core exiles is a surprisingly open sandbox game which encourages player interaction, and where the game developers are actively involved in the community. You could do [almost] everything in Core Exiles without talking to another player, but why would you? There are so many reasons to interact, from discounts on purchases, availability of a material you need a lot of, to some of the most useful docking locations, guild bonuses, silly news headlines, and more. Come explore the galaxy, captain!

LifesaverM March 27, 2019

Fantastic depth of game play. Many career choices and paths to take. 100s of in game items that are craftable, etc.

Jitel March 24, 2019

This game is just great. A huge variety of activities and a wonderful friendly community of players will surely make it my home for many years to come.

John Carter Barsoom
John Carter Barsoom February 09, 2018

Core Exiles is a very good, turn-based, rpg in space. The freedom is breathtaking. You really can be whatever you choose in this game: trader, fighter, explorer, crafter, business tycoon, pirate, whatever. There are several galaxies and hundreds of star systems to explore. The player support is genuine and so is the friendliness among the players. Core Exiles is a thoughtful and enjoyable game in a science fiction setting, and it is worth checking out.

MasterShri January 28, 2018

ok.. its my first comment on any game, ever.. and am 40yo. Its good game. Fu that modern graphic but mindeless games. Like in old days playing Elite.

amac5000 August 18, 2017

Core Exiles is an awesome and currently very active community

Mason50 December 22, 2016

A very deep game that is easy to grasp! Combat, crafting, and economics, oh my!

SusanVegas March 09, 2023

Possibly one of the worse browser games I've played in recent memory. It is very dated, the story and lore of the game is laughable and is heavily pay to win. It seems the reason this game is rated so highly here is that it forces you to vote favorable to get fuel in the game to carry on playing - or of course spend real money on it smh

Mikas60 January 16, 2012

This game falls short of most web based MMORPG games. It has a very old style, poor design, and so on.

deatznce0 November 23, 2011

The Gameplay is a bit slow, compared to other similar non-browser version, it takes quite a long time before things get done...

Eucytus October 23, 2011

Doesn't seem to include any actual game play. Click things, punch numbers into boxes. Includes way too many things to do and items to collect, which is confusing and disorienting for new players.

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