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HDpass January 18, 2021

I liked the game and is somewhat like call of war, maybe the drowback fro a lot of peopleis the insane amount of time you have to spend but i think that is also what makes it a great game

GyWook March 19, 2017

É Um Ótimo Game De Estratégia E Guerra. Extremamente Viciante!

MasterJSB June 22, 2014

best game ever I have ever played was awesome man woo!

AntiDystopia March 17, 2014

Good game...I mean, if you can read, then you can advance and become proficient in this app. Easy to learn.

chico_dusty March 29, 2013

This game is just wonderful. There are things and stuff in it.

costmanagers March 23, 2013

Good Game, it is not too complicated and easy to navigate

BadWolf91 January 22, 2013

over complecated and annoying to play but still its addictive

GrolschMan November 15, 2012

Good game. Easy to pick up and enough strategy to keep playing

wasd999 October 10, 2012

it is a fun game that is easy enough to play from the beginning. As you progress you find all the little tricks that people use to try and catch you off guard and you even make some of your own. Definitely the funnest world conqueror i have played!

Smoking Monkey July 18, 2012

This Wold War game is the best on the whole internet. there is no other game like this on here. I mean this game is simply amazing with all the units you can get and the maps they made.

sterling47 June 22, 2012

supremacy 1914 is probably the best browser game to be played at this moment of time, able to see other games developes tactics.

tipu November 19, 2011

best strategy game ever. And u don't need to spend much time too.

sasori August 12, 2011

very good strategy game, you enjoy talking in the chat with other people from your county and other parts of the world, a very good choice

trycster May 17, 2011

Great game. The game can be played in less than 30 min. Several games can be played at one time.

reghar73 April 04, 2011

Awesome fun !! I get to play with my mates and kill kill kill. Beats playing games like Rome Total war.

twintoner March 16, 2011

The happened for all Lives to their sending to cancelled at all Victory, maiger not support the sittles. Just you.

drfieber October 08, 2010

Very nice site! is it yours too

drfieber August 08, 2010

Supremacy 1914
Supremacy 1914 is a free multi-player real-time strategy game. Up to 30 competitors battle for control of Europe. Both, military and diplomatic skills will be essential on your road to victory! No download required.

drfieber August 05, 2010

the best game i ever played. i think it'll be the best game that everyone will play.

drfieber August 05, 2010

A simply brilliant game, challenging strategy players that have lacked a game with Supremacy's features and depth. It is like a much more strategic RISK, this time with careful negotiation of alliances; management of economt; and different troop types to provide a challenge if one hopes to win.

drfieber August 03, 2010

Supremacy 1914 is a free browserbased strategy game. Up to 30 competitors battle for several weeks for control of Europe. Both, military and diplomatic skills will be essential on your road to victory! "Browser Game of the Year 2009"-Audience Award!

drfieber August 01, 2010

Supremacy 1914
Supremacy 1914 is a free multi-player real-time strategy game. Up to 30 competitors battle for control of Europe. Both, military and diplomatic skills will be essential on your road to victory! No download required.

drfieber July 29, 2010

Simply the one of best.

drfieber July 27, 2010

usually i don't play browsergames, but supremacy 1914 is really interesting it's a little bit like RISK just with more options. the only thing i don't like (but that's usual for browsergames) is that everything needs so much time until it's done.

drfieber July 26, 2010

i had a dream... conquer the world. well, i can do it now! it's a great strategic game. it takes time but is a pleasur to play

drfieber July 25, 2010

simply.... great,.although it takes many time to end some thing. but it is the best

drfieber July 24, 2010

Simply the best.

drfieber July 23, 2010

One of the best games ever made up. It's simple and pleasurable to play...
try it.

drfieber July 21, 2010

Its a great game, lots of fun, and entertainingly enjoyable. its not boring at all.
try it and you'll have a great hobby, see for your self.
Rules simple, and nice slow gameplay. You don?t have to be online the whole day to play this game.
The idea is very simple but if you have played Risk or diplomacy other strategy games before this would help.

drfieber July 14, 2010

Terrible Just...... Terrible.

drfieber June 28, 2010

I like this game. You don't have to be on it all the time to suceed. Slower moving but has some nice strategies.

drfieber May 28, 2010

Definetly not what you expect . Boring as game Not worth looking at

drfieber April 24, 2010

it's so boring i have all the stuff to play but it just will not let me to.

drfieber February 25, 2010

Fantastic entertaining game. The ranking system and medal system keeps it interesting across games.

drfieber February 10, 2010

A real world timed strategy game, realistic and pretty amazing to say the least. Caught on right away upon joining my first game.

drfieber February 08, 2010

Best MMORP i have ever played. This dynamic Game is perfect for people who are intersted in what happened if. Perfect!

drfieber February 07, 2010

Hola yo solo digo que este guego esta genial es muy facil de jugar y solo necesitas saber algo de ingles

drfieber February 07, 2010

simple, fun, addictive and yet challenging. pit your skills, tactics and leadership against all comers in real-time. I love it.

drfieber February 06, 2010

Este juego esta genial si no lo creen deberian jugarlo yo en lo personal lo califico como muy bueno y ustedes?

drfieber February 04, 2010

its good game, strategic and playbale game is good to play is nice yeeah.. i just need coins.. but is nice

drfieber February 04, 2010

excellent game and interface requires strategy and has realistic combat sequences. I would and do recomend to friends and family

drfieber February 04, 2010

I have only played the game for 2 days but I absolutely LOVE IT! The game mechanics, aswell as the type of strategies needed to be employed is simply awesome. Not to simple, but not to complex either where your spending hours trying to figure out why a +1% tax increase caused 5 riots while 3 other riots are going on because you don't have enough *** to build special features -- WAY to complicated (that particular game). But Supremacy 1914 skips all that complexity but doesn't make it over simplified where you're bored within 5 minutes either. Perfect mix, love it.

drfieber February 02, 2010

This is an extremely wonderful and well thought out game, full of intense moments that require serious concentration.

drfieber February 02, 2010

good cnc game 5 star is not enought recommend for those who have some time to think and have make the turn of the question it beat ass

drfieber February 01, 2010

Looks better than most other browsergames :) You can play only with your friends if you want to and you can choose if you take payabla services or not.

drfieber February 01, 2010

Hola a todos bueno yo solo escribo para decir que este juego esta genial y solo le falta un ordenador en espa?ol para ser mejor pero yo le doy un cinco

drfieber January 31, 2010

awesome risk, but better. the fact that it's in real time is great, because - though addicting and fun - you can also have a life.

drfieber January 29, 2010

its a great games for start lovers great game play with realistic trading with stock market also u can buy gold marks to further ur experience.

drfieber January 28, 2010

estaria mejor si tuviera en espa?ol pero asi esta bien, ya que hay jugadores de todos los paises latinos y europeos

drfieber January 25, 2010

what a great game........ i think everyone should try this great it's really fun and it's very addicting

drfieber January 25, 2010

Best real-time browser strategy game ever... complex and challenging risk version with plenty of interesting features such as tanks and airplanes.

drfieber January 24, 2010

simply amazing. I have played many online games, this one tops them all! i enjoy it so much, its simple and effective

drfieber January 24, 2010

This is ann incredible game. You start as the leader of a country on either the 10 player europe map or the 31 Player "world" map and then use diplomacy, economics, and your military to attempt total leadership of Europe

drfieber January 22, 2010

This is an amazing game in which you can play as a country during the first world war. It takes a lot of skill, while being fun.

drfieber January 20, 2010

I wish I didnt have to fill out stuff like this every time I vote as I am going to vote every day!!!

drfieber January 18, 2010

This game is one of a kind. You can fight a battle economicaly or militarily. You have to be ready to fight for whatever country assigned and it provides a big chalenge. This is the best game of all time!

drfieber January 18, 2010

its the best game ever.Its interesting, you can learn some things and its very entertaining.I love it

drfieber January 16, 2010

Tolles Spiel, mit sch?ner Grafik, wer klassische Brettspiel mag, der wird dieses Spiel lieben. Die Diplomatie ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil

drfieber January 14, 2010

A real game which requires strategy, and best of all, it's not related to kid's stuff. No naruto, no pirates, no ninjas.

drfieber January 11, 2010

gutes spiel, super gelungen, mal etwas abwechslung.

drfieber January 10, 2010

Diplomacy rules!!! This isn't just any browser game. I thought it was just another boring text based one with just cool posters. BUT THIS THING ROCKS!!! make it 3d and in can be real :O

drfieber January 08, 2010

The strategy Idea its cool, and its gonna get better! I saw the preview for the 3d upgrade of it and it rocks!!!!

drfieber January 07, 2010

Im not sure what the post shortly before this is speaking of. This game is superb and well thought out. It is not the creators thought that the insolent minds do not appreciate ingenuity and history in games.

drfieber January 06, 2010

gutes spiel, gut umgesetzt, reinschaun reicht. man mu? nicht st?ndig am rechner sitzen.
im allen ein gelunges browser game

drfieber January 05, 2010

Wonderfull game. Time consuming for those who are dedicated to their online games, but not horribly so. I am proud to play this game.

drfieber January 01, 2010

Indeed a great game. Execelent overall gameplay and hitorycally awesome pictures and videos for gamers all over the world

drfieber December 31, 2009

I just started and it seems pretty interesting. I like the fact that you can create your own gaming servers and invite your friends and family to battle against you.

drfieber December 28, 2009

Good if you find World War 1 games interesting. Takes some thought into your actions and plan ahead. Good fun!

drfieber December 26, 2009

great game. i dont think that i have actually ever played a funner computer game, thats free, online and really enjoyed it.

drfieber December 19, 2009

S1914 is an excellent real time strategy game which is constantly being upgraded.

Because of the realistic movement times of the units on the strategy map, you have to think whether to send your units to defend the front, risking that the enemy can break trough your flank. But in case there's a sea between you and the enemy, you have plenty of time to assemble new defence because already boarding and embarking ships take ~7 hours.

The game also has a diplomatic and economic side. It is possible to conduct spy operations against other countries but if you get caught you might be facing that country's full-scale attack.
Trading between countries is also important. You can practicly achieve victory without fighting a single battle.
Only by building new structures like railways and factories can earn you more points than the players who are constantly losing points by lost wars and peace treatys.
S1914 is completely free although it offers 'gold rounds' where you use gold which you buy trough the front page. Nevertheless buying gold isn't needed: If you play well in the rounds you win a certain amount of gold in the end and you get gold by voting this game on different sites, like I did.

drfieber December 18, 2009

lease write a review of at least 100 characters. Nonsense reviews, constantly repeating reviews or reviews containing filling characters will not get approved. Please do not waste our time by writing rubbish, We actualy read each review!. .

drfieber December 14, 2009

fine game, with lot of interaction. Makes you not to sleep, only to wait when your troops will come on some place and capture it, or defend it......

drfieber December 14, 2009

If you ever played the old global conquest games in any flavor you will like this one. It is a very good WWI battle game and it is well balanced and has a good diplomacy system and resource management without becoming cumbersome and micromanaging like some other games. I highly recommend this game.

drfieber December 13, 2009

One of the Best Games i have played.

drfieber December 11, 2009

its a super game with massive longt-time-fun! i play it since a view days with a friend and it makes a lot of fun (:

drfieber December 10, 2009


drfieber December 08, 2009

* Online game for up to 30 Players.
* Completely free of charge.
* Real time strategy ? all events occur in real time.
* Units move on a real map. No tables like in 95% of all browser games.
* Rounds take four to eight weeks.
* Focused on diplomacy. Alliances and pacts are a requirement for success.
* Newbie friendly.

drfieber December 07, 2009

very nice game.
a lot of fun and many friendly persons.
a nice way to make your day.
nice Engine and pictures, very cool design!

drfieber December 07, 2009

I like this game very much, it is interesting and occupies my time throw the day. Maybe all the players should know english

drfieber December 07, 2009

Awesome game! I have just started this game, but the "first bite" is very nice. My friends have been playing this game for few weeks, and they also picked me in.

drfieber December 06, 2009


drfieber December 04, 2009

this game is perfect
ist make fun

drfieber December 03, 2009

This is a great game. I play with some friends from RL and another online community. Very user friendly.

drfieber December 03, 2009

10 player maps and 30player maps now with premium rounds and specials in normakl also a very colll game ive you havnet mich time for borwsergames

drfieber December 03, 2009

One of the best games which i played.

drfieber December 02, 2009

very cool game with spys now with premium in two languages (german english) you can attack sb or fight with him you also could make battle ships or raulgunbs artillery tank MUST PLAY IT

drfieber November 29, 2009

good teh game is excelent, ? muito bom jogo de guerra em tempo real, podem entrar o melhor que joguei

drfieber November 21, 2009

Macht ziemlich Spa?, man kann L?nder ?berfallen, Einheiten bauen, Provinzen ausbauen, Ressourcen managen und Mumpitz in den Daily European schreiben ^^

drfieber November 14, 2009

this is really a great game for people who likes the king of strategy board game with a bit of risk style :P

drfieber November 11, 2009

Great game, give it a try and you wont be disappointed.
All the fun of a war management withouit being too much

drfieber November 09, 2009

This is very similiar to Risk only better. Much more challenging. You have to build you economy and hopefully choose good alliances. Great game.

drfieber November 07, 2009

Very intelligent game. Sort of Diplomacy online. impressive depth of game with lots of possibilities to play it

drfieber November 06, 2009

Its so damn awesome full of war war war play this to gain allies and some great fun never give up rick'roll

drfieber November 05, 2009

This game is great. I am in four different games right now. I get to play with my friends from back home and from other communities. I recommend it to anyone that likes strategy games.

drfieber November 04, 2009

Great game! Not to anal with micro management and easy to get the hang of!

drfieber November 03, 2009

This game is great. I play it with friends and people from other communities. I am in like a dozen games right now.

drfieber November 02, 2009

Absolutely excellent, a great game, that takes loooong time. Risk kinda game :) Love it.
Good Diplomacy game.

drfieber October 31, 2009

lol this game r teh epiczors!!!11one!!1eleven. But srs If WW1 be yar thing then nubs get on down to supremacy.

drfieber October 29, 2009

This is a great game. One of the neat things different from other games I've played is the bonus points you can earn which really man something and don't take log to get.

drfieber October 25, 2009

This is like playing my favorite board game Risk, only more challenging and realistic. An addicting game I can't sopt playing it.

drfieber October 24, 2009

Supremacy 1914 is one of the BEST games I have ever played. There is no waiting all the time so i can play in a blink of an eye.

drfieber October 24, 2009

Fantastic gameplay
but be careful, maybe not able to end it
you have to login min. 2 times a day to be able to win

drfieber October 23, 2009

This game is addicting. Excellent for the lover of strategy games. Love the interface and the displays.

drfieber October 22, 2009

Realy good game! Very interested for Strategygame-Fans. Good interface and nice Gameplay for a Browser-Game.

drfieber October 22, 2009

This game is what I have been waiting for. It's fantastic, A computer Risk Games and more, it provides a great challenge

drfieber October 22, 2009

This game is very fun and exciting. It gives you alot of different ways you can do things. It is very strategic.

drfieber October 20, 2009

Fast phased! My kind of game. This game allows the players to participate in a true multilayer environment without taking too much of time.

drfieber October 19, 2009

Excellent game. I have enjoyed every time I have played. I have used it for team building exercises.

drfieber October 13, 2009

awesome! It's a great sight for playing games that need a little bit of attention and then leave it and you can come back later and check up in it again. It's great!

drfieber October 12, 2009

awesome! It's a great sight for playing games that need a little bit of attention and then leave it and you can come back later and check up in it again. It's great!

drfieber October 12, 2009

This is the best of economic/diplomatic/war games I have seen. The community is very supportive and the learning curve is not overwhelming. Warning: games last from 30-90 days.

drfieber October 09, 2009

This game is very cool. But I don`t know why we must write at least 100 characters this is very stupid. Bye!

drfieber October 09, 2009

An excellent strategy game with a grate community. Lots of Fun and you have to think hard to win the battle

drfieber October 08, 2009

Best online game iver eber played much better than tribe wars original maps and trading is faster =)

drfieber October 08, 2009

really nice game with a nice community. They extend the game and u can earn the special *** there without buying it just for voting

drfieber October 06, 2009

this is so cool premium rounds and 30players map what do you want more and the map fantastic its more intersting as tribewars because you can settle your soldiers in th area and not only in towns

drfieber October 04, 2009

this is one very professional game which sets itself apart from most other browser games in that it provied true proper game graphics instead of stupid boring tables

drfieber October 04, 2009

At first sight it seems slow and limited. But in a shortwhile the game becomes hypnotic, the multiple choices of how to use your resources, the real interaction with your opponents and the ever present fear of betrayal mean you will be thinking about the game away from the computer, planning ahead.

drfieber October 04, 2009

This is an excellent game for WWI-era buffs and amateurs alike. While there is a deal of complexity behind the scenes, the actual gameplay is easy to learn but very hard to master! Unlike many games, this one doesn't make it easier for people who pay to win - people who pay get very minor benefits (i.e. speeding up special unit production, increasing morale in provinces - these are helpful, but aren't game breakers). The real benefit for players who pay are the gold rounds that have a ton of special features, like additional units (Submarines, Airplanes, etc), team and/or nation selection to name but a few.

Overall an excellent game with a multitude of gameplay levels - i.e. warfare, economics, politics - although warfare is the ultimate purpose of the game.

drfieber October 04, 2009

This Game is the best first world war game I've ever seen. It is a grate real time strategy game which makes fun to play with friends.

drfieber October 03, 2009

this is one of the best browsergames i've played so far. the vast majority of games are just simple stupid boring tables which is going by foot instead of driving a ferrari

drfieber September 30, 2009

this is a game of great complexity and not designed to meet mainstream liking. very active developers mean the game's always evolving and a likewise very active community provides for many interesting rounds yet to come

drfieber September 27, 2009

terrible stat tracking... just read in the forum where a guy was caught obviously cheating and padding his stats... the guy who found the cheating (lol, which was the number 1 ranked player) was vilified and treated like crap... nothing was done to stop the cheating... any site who lets the number 1 player get treated like absolute shit should be avoided...

in the end... good game, terrible forum controls and too easy to pad stats...

drfieber September 16, 2009

this game rocks. best i've played in years!! very active community and devs as well. finally no table based junk like so many others... xox

drfieber July 15, 2009

this was so bad i didnt even play

drfieber February 02, 2009

This is my favourite.

drfieber January 29, 2009

Very cool! Haven't seen anything like it.

Negative Score: 1733 | Reviews: 2
JPhillips123 January 22, 2013

Ironically, the moderation team consists of exactly what the rules, and the laws of Germany (where this game is hosted) forbid: Nazis.

Wardancer December 31, 2012

I is good but it can get extremely boring, after about 15 minutes from playing I stopped.