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CAC Mafia Life

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The Ultimate Browser Game: The Online Mafia Game

Experience the thrill and excitement of the underworld with our online, multiplayer, text-based mafia game. This game, completely free to play, offers you the chance to step into the shoes of a mobster and vie for supremacy in the tumultuous world of organized crime.

Become The Most Feared and Respected Mobster

Your journey begins as a novice in the criminal underworld. Your ultimate goal? To become the most feared and respected mobster of all time. It won't be easy, but with cunning, strategy, and a bit of ruthlessness, you can climb your way to the top of the mafia hierarchy.

Battle Your Way to The Top

In this world, power is taken, not given. You'll need to battle your way to the top, facing off against other players in intense, text-based combat scenarios. Each victory not only brings you one step closer to being the top mobster but also unlocks new cities and items, expanding your reach and influence.

Create Your Own Gang and Build Your Empire

But why stop at being a mobster? In our game, you can create your own gang, recruiting other players to join your cause. With your gang at your side, you can build your own empire, control territories, and dictate the rules of the underworld. The more you grow, the more other players will have to respect your authority.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge and carve out your own piece of the underworld? Join us in the online mafia game and start your journey to becoming the most feared and respected mobster today!

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"Like this game, it's not the most active game but it's interesting and has some fun aspects"

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Latest reviews

chrisfromwa December 09, 2018

This is a great game, just needs more players thought.

chrisfromwa December 03, 2018

Like this game, it's not the most active game but it's interesting and has some fun aspects

Amoran November 23, 2011

Interesting game, after looking it over, I think I may play it.

civic4dr2000 March 18, 2011

love this game,its so surreal, best role play mpg by far!

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