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New maps are available for single player mode, you can conquer the realm fighting against the AI or challenge other real players for a match. The fights are equal , no powerups or pay-to-win. You should start with a small map against 2 ai opponents so you let them fight eachother while you build up [more]

(a random image from the game) **Exciting Updates at!** Hey Adventurers! We've rolled out some thrilling enhancements to your MagicDuel experience:1. **Bug Fix Triumph!** - Thanks to [more]

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- 3 New Boss Mansion Levels ready for your bosses - Decreased RP for boss mansion level 32 - Raised activity meter research points reward - Slightly decreased waiting times on several locations [more]

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We introduced a new type of event "RP event" into the game. This will last 5 days, this event will only take place once per month for 5 days and will only have Research Points as prizes. It will never be announced which days of the month the event will happen, so be prepared daily. Certain event typ [more]

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You can now use the chat command /buzz allowed by playername, to acoustically and visually notify an other player that is online in the same location. For those of you that remember what buzz was. While this might be considered a violation pf privacy, according to our modern and skewed se [more]

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New in Empire III: Mexican Cartel Mansion This update contains 10 Mexican Death Squads and each squad has an unique weapon (these can be found in the Mexican Contracts Empire III) When equipping a combo of squad and its weapon your power will benefit extra. Obtaining all squads, will give you a [more]

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Empire I: You will start in this Empire. This Empire has 21 buildings which will unlock when you progress in the game. Empire II: When you reach level 100 you will unlock Empire II. This Empire has 22 new buildings which also will unlock when you progress in the game. You can fly between the 2 [more]

We have expanded the A25 Tools for quest creators with powerful AI tools for creating artwork automatically. I addition, AI is now powering the most advanced search MagicDuel community ever experienced, in the form of an assistant command that you can simply ask about things that happend in the [more]

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MMM, the popular online Mafia game, will be relaunching on July 17th 2023 with a variety of new features and updates. Players of all levels will now have access to new permanent round for the casuals, as well as new Main, Mini, and Turbo rounds for the more competitive players. The game balan [more]

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Our latest update was our Overdosing Mod. Everyplayer has a MAX addiction and if you over consume drugs, you will overdose. You will feel the effects of overdosing. You can keep track of your addiction on your homepage. We try and highlight a feature to update every month. [more]

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Earlier last week, I posted asking about what you'd all think IF I added two more slots to the Ship Loadout.... ? I had my own ideas and the staff had theirs, and you all had yours. I read, considered and went 50/50. This is all come about because I'm in the middle of the largest art update the g [more]

I want to keep the retro style of chat commands and vintage gaming, yet i want it to have a touch of modern insanity to the game, a contrast between classic and forgotten , and cutting edge and modern tech. In that spirit, i present you a couple of chat commands one could not even imagine a few y [more]

Creatures that are permanently store in "Bestiaries" can now be exfiltrated out of the game, in the form of NFT tokens. These tokens are collectable, and all their rarity values can be reviewed and compared on the and markets, and other, within a few minutes of minting. You [more]

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Great new features have been added for even more fun. It's worth checking out. for example: - even better and higher profits - better idle mod functions - new events and much more... [more]

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I'm still here and still coding up a storm these days, just not a lot to physically show for it just yet... But! I have completed Stage four of the Battleship craft process! As promised, it's now time to open up a section for Corporations to become involved. Corporations already have a crafting p [more]

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Update ingame menu's [more]

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So the change for Haulage Offices is now out, and balanced to where we want it. I took several weeks of monitoring and tweaking to get it where we have it. Overall, the ranges have been tweaked, and the rewards specifically have gone up quite dramatically from the old model. I have also spen [more]

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Since launch in October, we've been hard at work adding new features and improving the game.Mafiosos now contribute towards their Mafia family missions to increase family income.Families are ranked by how much money they have accumulated rather than member networths.Extra prize fund gives rewards fo [more]

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Wir habend as Baumenü umgestaltet. Unter anderem, um es später einfacher der Responsivität anzupassen damit ihr auch auf dem Handy eine vernünftige AUflösung habt. Bilder der Gebäude folgen hier noch. Viel Spass. [more]

The game just received some code updates and new features have launched, including the code to trigger the end of a round. Our SuperWeight champion has been crowned and a new end of round event is underway. A new round will be coming soon - a great time to get started with Roboid! Round 2 incl [more]