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Drakor: A Revolutionary Browser RPG Game

Drakor: A Revolutionary Browser RPG Game

Drakor is an innovative rich content text-based Browser RPG. Known as a PBBG (Persistent Browser Based Game), MPOG (Multiplayer Online Game), and MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), Drakor offers a unique gaming experience for enthusiasts of the genre.

Unique Combat System

Drakor boasts a unique combat system that sets it apart from other browser RPG games. This system provides players with a new level of strategy and engagement, making each battle an exciting and unique experience.

Dynamicly Generated Loot

In Drakor, loot is dynamically generated. This means that the rewards you receive from battles and quests are unique and constantly changing, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the game.

14 Tradeskills, Pets, and More

Drakor offers a variety of features to keep players engaged. With 14 tradeskills to master, pets to collect, and a massive world to explore, there's always something to do in Drakor. The game also supports guilds and chat, allowing players to connect and collaborate with each other.

Community and Design

Drakor has an awesome community of players who are passionate about the game. It's free to play, and has been optimized for mobile and tablet devices through responsive design. Since its launch in October 2014, Drakor has continued to grow and evolve, offering new content and features for its players.

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