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The Story You wake in an abandoned building and have no idea where you're going in life. As you walk down the street you realize you need to do something now for *** no matter what it is. You walk up to a stranger and ask for their ***

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"Great game! Friendly players and staff. worth playing!"

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Angel666 July 24, 2012

Great game! Friendly players and staff. worth playing!

alexrho July 20, 2012

The best mafia all over the net. Check it out !!!!!

alexrho February 21, 2011

The Best Mafia Game On The ne The Support team is excellent and i suggest you to try it!!

alexrho August 02, 2010

COol game , a lot of players and very friendly

Come and join it it worth it

alexrho July 28, 2010

Great Game !!! You are very friendly game and i like it very much!!!!!!

alexrho July 25, 2010

The best continue the good work

alexrho July 23, 2010

Amazing Game. Very good stuff ! Very good organized. No resets. This is THE GAME !!
Try it

alexrho July 07, 2010

I think this game will cause panic in the gamers of Mafia games.
Try this game