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Kiwarriors is a free-to-play massive multiplayer online browser game based, with no downloads or instalation required (no download MMORPG). In Kiwarriors, what awaits for you is to live an entire experience creating your own character (a powerful warrior) and to develop that character as if it were a real world. After signing up that takes a few minutes, players can start the journey in web browser right away.

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"es un gran juego muy entretenido , divertido e increible "

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subrel125 January 12, 2013

el mejor juego multijugador de rol de dragon ball z.

subrel125 January 04, 2013

es un juego de rol increible, extraurinariamente asombroso.

subrel125 January 02, 2013

The most entertaining and impressive game. It is a faboluos game. --Translated from Spanish.

subrel125 December 31, 2012

es un juego e inigualable asombrosamente increible.

subrel125 December 31, 2012

es un gran juego muy entretenido , divertido e increible

KENDALL21 October 26, 2011

muy buen juego pero faltan hacer batallas virtuales

Eatoncheese April 13, 2012

As fun as this game may sound it is not as good as i thought i thought it would be great some parts are still in another language after you turn it to English and the fighting takes a long time. I rate this 1/10