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Mafia Order

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Welcome to 1922 America

A World of Crime and Intrigue

Step into a time of unregulated fun and danger - 1922 America. This is a place filled with bootlegging, criminals and heists. It's an era of Prohibition where illegal activities are the norm and the thrill of the chase is just part of everyday life.

In this immersive browser game, you are not just an observer but a player in this risky game. You’re encouraged to live in this world, to become a part of its fabric. Here, there’s a lot of criminal activity to partake in - illegal trades, secret deals, and high-stakes heists. The choices are endless and the rewards, immense.

But it's not just about the individual. This is a world of alliances and betrayals, where your affiliations matter. You can choose to be a lone wolf or join one of the multiple families that rule the underworld. Each family has its own set of rules, its own culture and its own way of doing things. Choosing who to align with is as much a strategy as it is a statement of who you are.

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