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Ogame Private Corrado Game


Conquer the universe with Pride Sharpen your skills playing in this High Speed Ogame-style server with 1000+ players. New Skin/Rapid Harvest/DM rewards for Achievements and Voting/Edit Planet/Resource Banking. Fly with the Best-Deny the rest (6 games)

Publisher: Corrado-Game
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"i really like this game becouse is good respond of server and many people play it and they active"

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bura August 03, 2012

nice game really fast respon of server and lots of people playing it

bura August 01, 2012

i really like this game becouse is good respond of server and many people play it and they active

waspa25 May 24, 2012

es un buen juego jugadores activos alianzas actibas y muchas mejoras en el sistema

CpXvZero April 06, 2012

its a very good game nice speed on the resources and evry new player will make the ame more funn

storm riders February 10, 2012

great game you wil just like it,never boring always targets opened for your ships nice fun

storm riders February 09, 2012

Nice and easy..something new and something is interesting

storm riders February 08, 2012

Very interesting game...try it ...have a serious battles against real players around the world in ONE ,TRUE, GREAT BATTLE ...WHO will prevail in this UNIVERSE ? That is the question which can a ONLY WE,ALL OF US PLAYERS ...MAKE A ALLIANCE..OR JUST PARTNERSHIPS ...OR BE JUST ONE STAR KINGDOM OF MANY ..ITs Up to YOU!!!

storm riders February 03, 2012

Very very interesting game ,hyper speed and short construction time...everyone who loves this type games (space strategy)must play it...

storm riders January 16, 2012

Very great,furious,and many surprises you cannot know until you try it! i recommend this game because it got many new ships..easy way to dark mater and so easy to play no much time taken from us but still good entertainment ! try it

replykator December 12, 2011

verry cool game...i like it.... end i hope will be more populare......

Fitzgerald November 29, 2011


Mikas60 January 16, 2012

This game is just a ripoff, probably illegally, of a game called Ogame, which has been around for 7 or 8 years and which is a lot more awesome and up to date then this one is ...