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Published 26/09/2011 by corrado

is a speed server whit following rates:

max planet1+ colonies14 = 15
Overall Game Speed: X 99.999      
Fleet Speed X 24   
Resource Production Speed X 500.000.000
Fleet turned into Debris after an Attack: 50 %    
University of factor 25 %
Max Galaxy 9      
Max System 300      
Max Planets 15

languages are: English-Portuguese-German-Russian-Spanish-Italian-Slovenian   

Noob protection enabled  till points
after that it is a factor of 7(more x points or 7 x Les points)

additional features in game are:

Resources Bank
let you safely store huge amounts of resources
and get interest over the stored resources like a normal Bank!!

Edit Planet
1: lets you relocate your planet on any place you want in the galaxy
2: edit your planets picture in overview and rest of game
3: lets you add 250 extra fields on your planet ore moon

this lets you earn Darkmatter when you reach predetermined goals
in Game for buildings/defense/fleet/tech/and battles.

this system allows you,to getter all your resources to on colony
in just a few clicks.

here you cane earn Dark matter by voting one game sites for use.

Instant build for Buildings and Technologies
so no more waiting for your new building or technologie.

Advanced Trader
Trader in Game whit multiple trade rates under a button so you cane trade all
resources to build a specific ship or building

lottery runes for 48 hours you cane buy tickets whit resources
max 10 tickets.
Price to win is 2500 Dm for each ticket bought so= max 10 x 2500= 25.000 DM

Moon shoot
This is a bot that sends a attack to the colony you requested the moon shoot end give a chance of 20% to get a moon.

Player search
this mod allows you to find a player end shows the location from all his colony's-moons end all tech levels

Planet Surplus
To be the best you need huge empire this bonus give you 2 extra colony's options.
(15 normal + 2 from this bonus= 17)(The bonus is only temporary.)

Planet Hideout
Will hide your planets from the galaxy view and from advance player search.
This feature eats Energy when activated(The bonus is only temporary.)

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