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TennisManager: A Browser Game Review

Take the helm of a burgeoning tennis club and lead it to grand success in TennisManager, a captivating browser game designed for tennis enthusiasts and strategy lovers alike.


In TennisManager, the gameplay starts from the very first moment you step into your tennis club. As the manager, you are responsible for building it up and setting it on the path to glory. Your role involves training players, managing resources, and making critical decisions that will define the club's future.

Winning Tournaments

Your players will engage in various tournaments, league matches, and games against your friends. The thrill of victory in these tournaments is a testament to your successful management and strategy implementation.


In TennisManager, setting good tactics is crucial to your club's success. The decisions you make will directly influence the performance of your players and, ultimately, the status of your club. The game challenges your strategic skills and decision-making abilities in a fun and engaging way.

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