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Published 04/04/2011 by golo


Let me to introduce Tennismanager. It is a sport tennis manager which is trying to fight its way through huge competition in the field of online entertainment industry. The whole project is a work of group of enthusiastic programmers from Slovakia, who has been developing the game engine and its environment for several years and first results of their effort can be seen now.


Each manager takes care of his own players, who are playing matches (league, tournaments, friendly matches) and are training with two different types of trainers – tennis and condition ones. In his competence is also to manage club grounds, where he can build buildings to improve training process and hire employees. Grounds contains also the courts which can be individually equipped by seats or by VIP lodges for Advantage Balls.


Advantage Balls are the second currency in the world of TM. With them you can activate more transparent overviews of trainings, change the names of players or purchase already mentioned VIP lodges. You earn them for every won match, progress in tournaments and of course you can also buy them in the shop which is the best way how to support this project.

The tournaments are not implemented directly in the game yet, but they are already in the full swing on the forum where they are organised via friendly matches. For the participation in tournaments players receive financial rewards, some Advantage Balls and most recently also the points for ATP ranking which is used for seeding to future tournaments.


The game is still under construction and updates are still coming. By the end of the month should five more countries join the three supported at the moment (SVK, CZE, GER). At the same time should be finished localizations besides English, Czech and Slovak also into German. As I have mentioned at the beginning, the core of the game is unique match computing (game engine), which is going to be extended by 2D match player soon.


It is no secret that developers of the game are planning to introduce the categories of women and juniors too. So if you like tennis, try to explore the world of Tennismanager!


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