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3D MMORPG Browser Game

Embark on a Glorious Journey in our 3D MMORPG Browser Game

Step into the shoes of an ancient champion and embark on a path to riches, glory, and conquest in our fully interactive 3D MMORPG browser game!


Our game offers an immersive experience where you take on the role of an ancient champion. Your mission is to defeat countless enemies, explore vast zones, and venture into mysterious temples. Each conquered enemy and discovered treasure brings you closer to achieving ultimate glory and amassing unimaginable riches.

Your journey will take you through diverse landscapes and intricate mazes. Each zone offers unique challenges and rewards, pushing you to adapt your strategies and continuously improve your champion's skills and equipment.

The mysterious temples are filled with powerful enemies and complex puzzles. Overcoming these challenges not only brings great rewards but also unveils the rich lore of our game world.

Open Beta

We are excited to announce that our game is currently in open beta. This means that while we are still refining the gameplay and adding new features, you can already start your journey as an ancient champion. We are eager to hear your feedback and make improvements based on your experiences.

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Publisher: Firehurts Studios
Registrations: 599
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"Great game, very unique, exceptional graphics, original ideas"

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Chizue March 10, 2021

Great game, very unique, exceptional graphics, original ideas

Cas71 February 11, 2020

Best browser game youre not playing. Get to level 20 and give it a chance! 4/5 stars!!

NeonBudz May 20, 2019

Best browser game since Runescape. This will be where most of my time goes for quite a while.

NowhereGirl March 01, 2019

Give it a try, you will like it for sure..........!

Vermiculus February 24, 2018

Its a good game, so far it is still in development but has a great array of quests, regions, and more to come

jonnothere August 18, 2015

Great game. glad i found it. Has a great story and many quests

FoolishWitch February 08, 2015

Great 3D looking game However there are some bugs like having invisible walls

awol_lsd January 06, 2015

pretty nice game has lots of potential especialy for such a small dev team

Sky August 08, 2012

WTF , this game is really good , come on and try it ;)

kxwarrior September 16, 2011

awesome game tons of fun it has many quests and levels xD

kxwarrior September 13, 2011

amazing game with lots of quests and fun, recommend for those who like mid evil game

creuse June 11, 2011

Consistently updated, friendly playerbase, chock full of content.

blacula June 10, 2011

Love it, Egyptian theme and old-school NEW feel. Responsive and helpful staff.

creuse June 09, 2011

Great character development, plenty of content, truly free2play

Loogo March 31, 2011

Yep this game is this game and this game is totally this game