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Titans of Time

Browser MMORPG Titans of Time

Published 23/02/2011 by titansoftime

Titans of Time

Titans of Time is a new

Browser MMORPG that has several appealing features! The game is a fully interactive 3D MMORPG and you play as an ancient champion on a path to riches, glory, and conquest! You'll Defeat countless enemies, explore vast zones, and venture into mysterious temples. We are currently in open beta.

We've listed some of the key features for the game below:

Game Features


  • Fully interactive browser-based 3D MMORPG
  • Combat in real-time, not turn-based
  • 4 unique classes with special moves and skill trees
  • Instanced dungeons playable by up to 5 people
  • 1 vs 1 to 5 vs 5 combat arenas
  • A gauntlet system where you can fight a series of increasingly difficult enemies
  • Hundreds of fun and challenging quests to complete
  • Thousands of unique and rare items to find
  • A vast world to traverse with over 30 zones of various difficulty
  • Regular and elite npcs of various levels
  • Unrestricted PVP
  • An advanced combat system with: melee, magic, over-time effects, healing and other abilities such as stealth, stun, aoe attacks and buffs
  • A new and growing community.
  • 100% Free to Play and no download required


Comming Soon


  • Fully controlable and trainable pets. You have full control of their combat in addition to auto attacks.
  • A Real Time Strategy sub game where you build and maintain a civilization that can be diplomatic or wage war on enemies.


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