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Dawn 2055: A Post-Apocalyptic MMO Browser Game

Dawn 2055 is a captivating browser game that takes you into a post-apocalyptic world. It is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that offers a unique blend of strategy, role-play, and survival elements. As a player, you are thrown into an unforgiving world where survival is the key, and every decision counts.

Choose Your Role

In Dawn 2055, you are not confined to a singular role. The game offers several roles that you can choose from, according to your play style and preferences. Whether you want to be an explorer braving highly radioactive zones in search of valuable items, a mercenary running contracts and missions, a trader seeking profitable trades, or even a bandit who survives by killing and robbing other players, Dawn 2055 has a role that suits you best.

Explore the Post-Apocalyptic World

Dawn 2055 presents a vast post-apocalyptic world waiting to be explored. The landscapes are filled with highly radioactive zones that hold expensive items. As an explorer, you can venture into these areas, braving the dangers for a chance to find these valuable items that can be instrumental in your survival.

Become a Mercenary

If you prefer action and combat, Dawn 2055 offers the role of a contract and mission runner mercenary. As a mercenary, you can take on various missions and contracts, battling enemies and overcoming challenges to complete your objectives and earn rewards.

Trade Your Way to Survival

Dawn 2055 also caters to players who prefer economic strategy. As a trader, you can look for profitable trades, buying low and selling high, to amass wealth and resources. Your trading skills can be your ticket to survival in the harsh post-apocalyptic world of Dawn 2055.

Survive as a Bandit

For the ruthless and the daring, Dawn 2055 offers the role of a bandit. As a bandit, you can survive by killing and robbing other players. This role is not for the faint-hearted, but it offers an exciting and challenging way to survive in the game.

In Conclusion

Dawn 2055 is a fascinating MMO browser game that offers diverse roles and a rich post-apocalyptic world to explore. Whether you prefer strategy, combat, economics, or survival, Dawn 2055 has something to offer. So choose your role and embark on your journey in the post-apocalyptic world of Dawn 2055.

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"It's a great game. the crafting and salvaging and skill tree are well designed."

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icepick36 February 04, 2020

It's a great game. the crafting and salvaging and skill tree are well designed.

bmorf January 18, 2019

Great Great game. Active developments come and join us😊

xbustax November 05, 2013

The game is what it is and you can exspect a fun time with lots of active players and many fun places to see around the whole map.

ToGomari June 23, 2013

This game is the best text-based post-apocalyptic game. There are unlimited things to do including; a huge map to explore based in the actual ruins of California and Nevada, several missions, lots NPC to fight and boss NPC which demand teamwork, PvP fights and tournaments, radiation salvaging, cars, trading and lots of other exciting things. Also there are lots of updates (at least one every week). I recommend this impressing game for post-apocalyptic and adventure lovers!!! TRY IT!!!

Pie4ever0 April 12, 2013

With the recent addition of vehicles, this game has gone nowhere but up since it left the beta. With dozens of gangs to choose from, every player's experience is unique. Every time a player levels up, they get 3 skill points that they can use to customize their character to fit how they want to play.

Pie4ever0 April 07, 2013

With the recent addition of vehicles to the game, this post apocalyptic MMORPG's gameplay has gone nowhere but up since it left the beta. Every player's experience is unique, with dozens of player-made gangs to choose from, what you want to do is all up to you, whether you want to become a bandit and attack new players, or become a master craftsman and sell weapons and armor to players on your way to fame and fortune.

Pie4ever0 March 02, 2013

This is a truly great game. The admin, The One, has created a realistic map of what the California-Nevada area would look like if a nuclear war were to hit, and the players turns the game into a stimulating experience. You can craft the finest equipment the apocalypse has ever seen, team up with other players to fight bosses, or lead your very own gang to victory.

jeffmcormick March 02, 2013

Very good game, worth playing. build a gang, new updates coming soon. vehicles

Deathsgate February 13, 2015

get your systems online and running worst record for unavailable site I have ever seen