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Dragon Lord: An Old School Text-Based PBBG Browser Game

Dragon Lord is a unique take on the classic text-based Persistent Browser-Based Game (PBBG) genre. In this game, players are thrust into a fantasy world where they take on the role of a dragon, battling their way to the top to claim and defend their kingdom from other dragons.

Fight for your Kingdom

The central gameplay involves fighting against other creatures and dragons in your territory. Each win brings you one step closer to becoming the ultimate Dragon Lord. However, it's not just about the fight. You also need to strategize and manage your kingdom effectively to maintain your rule.

A Deadly Enemy

As you rise in power and prestige, you will discover an enemy far more deadly than any other creature or dragon. This enemy threatens not just your kingdom, but the whole world. The responsibility to confront and stop this enemy from wreaking havoc falls squarely on your shoulders. Can you rise to the challenge and save your world?

Publisher: Sonya Ireland
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