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Dragon Lord

Dragon Lord

Published 27/12/2017 by Kesstryl
    Dragon Lord is an old school text based PBBG browser game. You are a dragon that must fight your way to the top to earn your kingdom and defend it against other dragons. As you fight, you discover that there is an enemy more deadly than the other creatures and dragons fighting for your territory, and you alone must stop it from destroying the world.


Completely Free to Play and Free to Win!

Dragon classes

A Main Quest story with a final boss to conquer

Exploring and random monster fights

PvP dueling (optional)

Gaining territory and managing troops

Run your kingdom as a Utopia or be a despot

Kingdom vs. Kingdom

Achievements and Leaderboard

Loot to make your dragon stronger

Companions and pets to fight with you in battle

Your dragon is a character in a larger story, make your dragon story into a legend!
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