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Flames of Lorea

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Flames of Lorea: A Strategic Turn-Based Browser Game

Immerse yourself in the world of Flames of Lorea, a captivating strategic turn-based browser game that showcases three distinct factions. Each faction has its unique strengths and weaknesses, offering a diverse gaming experience for players of all preferences.


Flames of Lorea is all about managing resources, troops, and powerful commanders. As a player, you are required to strategically plan and execute your moves to gain an advantage against your opponents.

The game demands cooperation with your own faction while simultaneously combating players from other factions. This balance of collaboration and competition adds a layer of complexity and excitement to the game.


The three factions in Flames of Lorea are meticulously designed, each offering unique gameplay strategies. This diversity allows players to choose a faction that best aligns with their gaming style, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Publisher: Jacopo Cascioli
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Review Score: 375

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