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Grand Epic Online

Grand Epic Online is an innovative 2.5D browser MMORPG featuring real-time action combat and various enhancement systems, where players get endless quests and power growth.

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"muito bom gostei do jogo tou jogando sou lvl 51 immortal"

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raphasuxx July 09, 2011

muito bom gostei do jogo tou jogando sou lvl 51 immortal

chenym June 20, 2011

Capture the monster as my pet, that is increative. But I can only have the mad dog now~~

SSJJ June 17, 2011

Have played for a few days, hmm, not bad, I have invited some friend for a team

Jianqin.zhang June 14, 2011

Anyone join my team? Damon Lord is too strong to take it down alone

wendy89 June 13, 2011

Its a great game, lots of fun, and entertainingly enjoyable. its not boring at all.

Neversayever June 13, 2011

Intresting, I just click on the yellow words in the quest and will be nevigated to NPC/MONSETR automatically, hehe

Andriy1005 June 10, 2011

LOL have seen this game somewhere else seems not bad huh

Neversayever June 07, 2011

Yes, I played it too, seems good, I am gonna see the what is more exciting following

Caroline June 03, 2011

Seems a good game I just read the backgroud story, it is an oriental legend, very beautiful And the graphic is excellent I decide o play it