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Grand Epic Online

Fun In Grand Epic

Published 17/06/2011 by Andriy1005

When I was

suggested to play Grand Epic Online, I did not expect to fall in enamored with

this Monster Hunter-esque game as for the boring experience before. But soon it

proved itself to be actually a whole lot of fun.

The story

setup is from a beautiful oriental ancient legend of Goddess Nuwa patching the

sky with multicolored stones, in which Flower Goddess was created to cease

human’s war and ended up with transforming to flower-fragments in desperation. It

is my job as the player to gather all the flower-fragments to make Flower

Goddess revive, and that means it is a really long way to go and you better be

tough enough to go through all quests.


of quests, it is absolutely a feature of Grand Epic. Million words’ story

brought you into a real fairy world and not just completing the quest.

Unlike other

normal games, the pet can join and help you in fighting with monsters. And it

is not defaulted. You can capture the monster you like to be your pet by using

soul-seizing skill. What’s more exciting� You can transform to the monster you

are fighting with by shape-shifting. I wanna say this is bloody cool in PK mode

by fooling your opponent. Then what is special for the mount� It can be forged

in your own style, it is your representation.

And many

other magic experience I am yet leveled enough to take: Elixir, Eight

Meridians, Reincarnation…

I am feeling so addictive and cannot stop now. That’s why I am so exciting

to recommend this game to all game fans and hope can bring more and more gamers

to enjoy it. It is really worth your time.

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