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Grand Epic Online

Time For Redefining Browser Game

Published 10/06/2011 by Andriy1005

    Ever since there came the concept of browser game, editorialists have been exclaiming over the new era of computer gaming. But as for browser-based MMORPGs, we only see oceans of cheesy works that are more of a texting game with very limited, if not none at all, visual action elements. Good thing is we now see the breaking dawn.

    Having been invited to the trial test of Grand Epic Online in mid April, we see great progress and a real browser MMORPG which totally lives up to its name. In this game, you do not have to read tons of dreary texts telling stuff like you are bit by a vampire and lost HPs, nor have to scrutinize a whole web page in search for the button to execute the next order.

    Sure there are browser MMORPGs that feature nice artwork, but most of them stay static and put in the background. As to the combating mode, none of previous works even dare to try a real-time one in browser, which is another surprise to see in Grand Epic.

    It does not necessarily mean Grand Epic is perfect. It also has its flaws, especially in combating details, but it does bring us to see progress and endeavors to change, and make us to rethink about the scope of browser MMORPG, where breakthroughs can be made to deliver real-time action gaming in gorgeous art design and alien cultural settings.

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