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Monster MMORPG Pokemon Style


MonsterMMORPG is a free to play browser based online game. This game is specially designed for Pokemon games lovers. If you love Pokemon games you will certainly enjoy from Monster MMORPG. You can catch, battle and train monsters at this game. Monster MMORPG also has working live PVP battle system.

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"Fun chill game with awesome helpful people to play and chat with."

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Puffy August 05, 2016

Fun chill game with awesome helpful people to play and chat with.

Vslandrus May 13, 2015

Very good game. Art work is amazing, battle system works perfect, routes are good lengths. Nothing bad anout it

Midnawolf February 07, 2015

Awesome fun for pokemon fans that cant wait for the next gen of new pokemon, like myself. XD

Eon2 June 01, 2013

Its just amazing! Its just amazing! Its just amazing!

Xurtion May 13, 2013

So much fun i cant believe someone finally came up with a decent monster training/battling mmorpg

emjaycee072720 March 21, 2013

nice game i hope i can level up faster extravagant gameplay

dylan March 19, 2013

cool its brilliant ill play it alot and i dont want to stop

Prestige January 24, 2013

A lot like pokemon but no npc's to battle..find out for yourself...hint: Get gold and buy a higher level by first grinding a bit then get say a move to get to higher level parts of the map but this costs like way to much for a beginner you can skip a bunch of grinding? but its up to you i guess

iSuperior January 13, 2013

Very good game. I like the variety of different monsters within the game.

gotango December 21, 2012

It is really fun and I enjoy pokemon style games. I think it would be easier to play in my opinion if there were no ads around.

Ordus November 20, 2012

Its like multiplayer pokemon. It does not use the original pokemon at all, they make their own monsters.

JoNeZy676 November 07, 2012

It is a fun game. it had me playing for hours on end. i hadn't realized i was still playing it by the time it was supper time.

nandinho 04 October 20, 2012

its awsome this picture, but with leaf element it would be great

BARE END September 17, 2012

Lags a little, but I understand why. Fun game to play.

alyon September 13, 2012

i like monstermmorpg it is fun to play i play pokemon pearl and this is way better