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Monster MMORPG Pokemon Style

F2P Pokemon Style Monster MMORPG

Published 23/11/2011 by MonsterMMORPG
Dear gamer, I hope you're fine. On behalf of Monster MMORPG, I would like to present to you A New Spin On Pokemon, complete with Original Monsters and a true MMORPG-Feel. This game is guaranteed free to play, forever. It isn't a fan made game, so rest assured that it's different from Pokemon in all the right ways. Most importantly among these is that it cannot be shut down by Nintendo like other Pokemon Games out there because we don't use any of Nintendo’s Trademarked & Copyrighted material.

Now let’s talk about some of the main components of this game. This game at it's core is about Monsters, making it similar to Pokemon. You are exploring professionally designed Maps (there are currently 83) and trying to collect Monsters. You have to do battle with them and catch them before they are tame enough to be trained. You will not only be battling Wild Monsters but also you can battle a Monster team made by one of your friends. Yes, that means we have a working PvP system. To give you a mild idea about how advanced the battling system really is: it contains thirteen THOUSAND lines of code! MonsterMMORPG also has an integrated chat system coded specifically for the game. So while playing the game, you can also chat with your fellow players. It supports a total of 32 different languages.

-) At this point, you're probably wondering what this game looks like and how to play it.
- This is the game main page:
- This is the official game videos page: If you watch the game videos, you will understand all the important stuff.
- The game screenshots can be found here:
- If you want to advertise, we have awesome banners for you:
- When you're ready to register, go here:
- This links you to the list of Monsters currently in-game:
- MonsterMMORPG has a DeviantArt group for any Deviants who'd like to join: MonsterMMORPG DeviantArt.
- For our official Youtube, Twitter and Facebook channels, go here and subscribe:,,

If you haven't already peeked at our unique features for yourself, we'll lay down the basics:

* MonsterMMORPG has a strict policy against cheating. Because of this very reason MonsterMMORPG is taking every possible precaution such as checking every action at server side, having in game integrated security image question after a certain number of actions.
* MonsterMMORPG is also trying to maintain content acceptable for every age group so parents can safely allow their children to play.
* MonsterMMORPG has a very strong and reliable server, so you can play the game anytime, anywhere without lag.
* MonsterMMORPG has awesomely designed game mechanics. The Monsters' Moves have tons of great effects such as "bleeding", "multiple hit", "2 turn moves", "burning", "crippling" and many more.
* MonsterMMORPG has 100 different natures which makes Monsters even more different.
* MonsterMMORPG uses a Unique Values system which is determined when a Wild Monster is caught which makes each monster statistically unique.
* MonsterMMORPG includes a Training Points system which lets users specialize in certain stats and helps make each Monster even MORE their own.

And that hardly scratches the surface. If you really want to know what you're about, immerse yourself in the Monster MMORPG.

We strongly suggest you to watch our tutorial videos while playing the game. Latest tutorial videos always can be found here : Monster MMORPG Tutorial Videos PlayList On Youtube

Very important notices :
1- For walking on the map use either w,a,s,d or arrow keys on the keyboard. Keep pressing them for smooth moving.
2- Game works best on Firefox latest version or Google Chrome latest version

As a matter of fact, here we'll let the game speak for itself. Please click on images to see them in full size.

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