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The Mission to Mars Role-Player Game

Step into an immersive, interstellar adventure with the Mission to Mars role-player game. This interactive, browser-based game invites you to become a part of the Firm, a powerful and enigmatic corporation whose primary objective is the terraformation of the planet Mars.

Become a member of the Firm

As a new recruit, you'll join the ranks of the Firm, an organization shrouded in mystery and armed with the technology to alter the very nature of the Red Planet. The Firm's goal, to terraform Mars, is a monumental task that will require cunning, resourcefulness, and teamwork.

Experience Mars like never before

But once you arrive on Mars, you may find that things aren't as straightforward as they seem. As you navigate the challenges and uncover the secrets of this alien world, your perspective may change. What seemed like a straightforward mission quickly becomes a journey of discovery and survival.

MMORPG 2D-3D gameplay

The Mission to Mars game features MMORPG 2D-3D gameplay, allowing you to explore, interact, and strategize in a dynamic virtual environment. Whether you're charting unknown territories or engaging in interstellar diplomacy, every decision you make shapes the unfolding narrative of your mission.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge and embark on a mission to Mars? Join the Firm and start your adventure today!

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"A very nice game, a very nice community, a very good moderator, which makes us have fun !"

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Latest reviews

Elfikur January 05, 2015

Great game, awesome community, what else... Just come and see by yourself ! ;)

Elfikur May 03, 2014

A very nice game, a very nice community, a very good moderator, which makes us have fun !

KCS May 16, 2013

Launch of international part of TEM Universe of the Firm 99% achieved. Join us and start the Mars terraformation !

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