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The universe of the Firm

Mission to MARS (TEM Project)

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Published 03/05/2011 by KCS

The Mission to Mars: A Browser MMORPG

Welcome to a thrilling journey through space and time. A journey where you become an integral part of the Firm, a powerful and obscure corporation with a singular aim - the terraforming of the Mars planet.

Join the Firm

As a member of the Firm, you are part of a grand plan, a plan that transcends the ordinary and ventures into the extraordinary. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to transform the barren landscape of Mars into a thriving, habitable planet.

A New Perspective

But once over there, your perspective might change. The harsh Martian environment, the isolation from Earth, the stark reality of life on a different planet - all these factors might make you see things differently. The mission to Mars is not just a journey through space, but also a journey within.


The mission to Mars is an MMORPG 2D-3D game. This means you will be playing in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that combines 2D and 3D graphics. This unique blend of graphics adds a layer of depth and realism to the game, making your journey to Mars even more immersive and exciting.

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