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Your memories of life before waking up in a hut in Avalon are non-existent. No Memory, No Family, Nothing....All that remains is your will to live, to grow, to become a major force in Avalon. Begin the Quest To Become A Legend!

Publisher: Ultimate Dimensions
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"There is no gameplay all you do it click on 3 things theres nothing to do and your character doesnt exsist there is no screen just words you click and it gives you a story. Its just a clone of many other pathetic games. Yet I understand It is free and must have take someone at least an hour of their time to make so Id give it a 2."

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woa June 22, 2015

The game is awesome, it has a lot of features in it, there's probably too many things to do, but in a good way I guess.

woa October 08, 2011

Really wonderful game. It's amazing that it's still going strong after such a long time despite so many similar games. Avalon truly offers a unique experience.

woa August 17, 2010

it would be cool except that its text-based. =( I was hoping for something more like runescape...

woa February 09, 2010

Good game once you learn to play it, but a bit slow. They need to have more people playing it for it to become popular.

woa February 02, 2010

Lots od potential but slow growing.
It needs more help on it or more focus.
Its fun but but many things may be frustrating due to so many small tweeks with no news about them.

woa January 30, 2010

An entertaining, casual, and engaging medieval game with activities ranging from battles, farming, quests, and much more. Come play with us. Join a guild or make your own. Level up and shape your adventure.

woa January 29, 2010

Avalon is a really great game, the guy or girl who said that the programmer cheats is totally wrong, the programmer suffers defeat just like every other person, and has really made a great game, but you have to come and play it to really understand. The economy is well balanced so no one is outrageously rich. I you want a good challenging rpg then Avalon is the game for you.

woa January 29, 2010

Im sorry, but who keeps writing the above reveiws?? They all sound like they are written by the same person. The game, is good. It is different. Yes, there needs to be some additions, but thats why its so special. The admin listens, unlike other games where they dont listen to a single suggestion. The game admin, plays like any of us, he fights along side us and has never EVER used his power on other player. So who ever wrote that, is obviously mistake.

Ever joined a game and wished you could be at the top, but realised there are far too many players to get there at all? Ever wanted to feel like the creators of the game actually listen to you? Ever want something different than the same template everyone follows? Then come and join us.

Thank you ! Eboney [1144]

woa January 27, 2010

Slow & buggy game, site developer plays & cheat w/ god mode cheat codes. As all the extras weapons & shields when fighting him.

woa January 17, 2010

Site programmers plays & cheat. Uses god mode when fighting U. Lost 6k gold due 2 god mode cheat code from Venom.

woa January 16, 2010

buggy game site. Also site's programmers plays & cheat w/ god mode. They turn on/off their cheat when online, especially player named Venom.

woa January 15, 2010

Site programmer plays & cheats, uses god mode, reduce your weapons effectiveness. Steal your gold, send U 2 hospitals alot.

woa January 14, 2010

Games played by programmers of the gamesite & cheats using god mode. They can turn god mode on/off when fighting against u.

woa January 13, 2010

Site programmer plays & cheat. Use god mode, & tunrns on/off when fighting. Buggy site as well. Get bullied alot.

woa January 12, 2010

Review below was from player who write the program & uses cheat mode. Always changing the codes so he can win. Programmer is nothing but overgrown bully on virtual reality psycho world. If it's fighting, he rigs it 2 win, but anything peacefull, he leaves U alone.

2009-08-08 07:46:52
Avalon is one of the best games I have played... it takes patience THATS ALL so some of the people saying bad stuff about it need to chill out