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Avalon - The Ultimate Quest

Published 23/06/2011 by woa
    Avalon is a Persistent Browser Based Game set in medieval times. Players

engage in the age-old struggle for great respect, unimaginable fame and

untold riches.

Your quest to become a legend begins in the main city of Avalon, one of

many cities accessible as you progress through the game. Each city has

its own shops, each with a plethora of items. Like many stores, in the

beginning you have little in the way of material possessions, your only

protection in a sharp piece of wood and an old cloak which will

hopefully help you endure the cold nights.

To become the ultimate legend, you need resources...both wealth and good

physical qualities. Farming is a great way to gain affluence, bartering

in the local markets is also rewarding. In Avalon many adventures also

present themselves but you must be brave to succeed. Visit the Inn and

embark on Quests that take across the land where you will face mighty

foes and incredible instruments of destruction. Equip your character

with a wide range of weapons, armor and extremely valuable special items

to defend your allies and dominate your enemies. Form a guild and show

the world the meaning of true power. Command the respect of others and

extend your supremacy by unlocking extraordinary guild upgrades. Ascend

the rankings and earn the fame and respect fit for a King.

Travel to all the cities and defeat all who challenge you to be known as

a true champion, but the victories you seek can only be earned by

gaining the mastery over the cunning gladiators of these distant lands;

defeating them will be no easy task. The strong, swift and resilient can

conquer some but only the best can conquer them all and earn the right

to travel to the Ancient Sanctuary and face the greatest of challenges

for the ultimate prize.

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