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Quests and Battle System Updates

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Published 08/10/2011 by woa
Avalon Game Updates

Avalon Game Updates

In line with our developer policies to consistently provide regular content and code updates, we are excited to announce that Avalon has been updated with new features. We have introduced a new quest titled "Delinquent Duo". This adds to the thrill and excitement of the game, providing players with more challenges to overcome.

In addition to this, we have made further enhancements to the battle system. These updates include features not present in any other MMORPGs, setting Avalon apart from the competition. We are constantly striving to make Avalon unique and more enjoyable for our players.

These updates are not just about adding new features, but also about maintaining the quality of the game. We regularly fix bugs to ensure smooth gameplay. We are proud to announce that there have been no necessary bug fixes for several months. This is a testament to the stability and reliability of Avalon.

Come play Avalon. We guarantee a bug-free gaming experience!

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