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Crime Empires

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Crime Empires is a fun and engaging MMO game in which you must build your very own crime syndicate and attempt to rule the city. You are the leader of the Mafia and must take care of your family business to become the most successful crime boss in the land. You start with a small empire and a limited amount of funds and you must create businesses such as a money press and a meth lab to improve your income. You can upgrade each business to improve their income generation and production rate. Aside from a steady flow of cash, you must also gather followers and troops to do your bidding. You can complete criminal activities to earn money and improve your prestige and reputation. You can also try and attack other players empires and attempt to take them down! If you enjoy the high life you can take to the casino to try win some extra cash gambling - the choice is yours: this is your crime empire!

Giftshop Items

This game provides giftshop items, you can exchange gold you receive for voting, for game benefits provided here.
Crime Empires: 30 Diamonds
Price: 1 Gold
Crime Empires: 5 Research Points
Price: 1 Gold
Crime Empires: 3 Acetone
Price: 1 Gold
Crime Empires: 3 Opium
Price: 1 Gold
Crime Empires: 3 Calcium Oxide
Price: 1 Gold
Crime Empires: 3 Ammonium Chloride
Price: 1 Gold
Crime Empires: 3 Sodium Carbonate
Price: 1 Gold
Crime Empires: 750.000 Cash
Price: 1 Gold
Crime Empires: 150 Ammunition
Price: 1 Gold
Crime Empires: Health Booster
Price: 1 Gold
Crime Empires: Jail Booster
Price: 1 Gold
Crime Empires: Time Booster
Price: 1 Gold
Publisher: Crime Empires
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"A game that all can plat to have some fun, easy one for all"

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Latest reviews

fmg1 April 29, 2024

Create your own family and compete with other families. Best mafia game I have ever played .I like crimeempires very much

LillisMolly April 22, 2024

A game that all can plat to have some fun, easy one for all

OLDJACK62 April 20, 2024

Great game, Starts slow but picks up as you play, Lots of activities to keep you busy and extra activities to keep you active in the game.

kilometers March 10, 2024

One of the best MMO games I've ever played and I would highly recommend people to play it.

kyan309 March 09, 2024

It is the best building I have ever played. Lot of buildings, lot of things to do. No bugs. If you join, join family Yacuza and have fun

kyan309 March 02, 2024

Super building game, easy to play, lot of activities

Nazow03 March 02, 2024

its powerfully to have a lil bit action and you can also spend good time....

CorumDiablo March 01, 2024

Everyday must have a little Crime in it, or it's going to be a LONG day

kyan309 November 03, 2023

Join family Yacuza and play the best building game ever

NishithRawal November 02, 2023

awesome game. very competitive and addictive. game is full of good players and consistent upgrades in the game makes the experience better everytime

NishithRawal August 19, 2023

I so much enjoy this game. Haven't missed a single day and its very competitive too. Type of events are so cool.

fmg1 August 09, 2023

Everyone can play crimeempires its safe no problems

kyan309 August 08, 2023

This is the best building game ever, it has never problems loading or playing. There is a lot to do wich makes the game super.