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Published 29/02/2024 by CrimeEmpires

Introducing a New Type of Event: "RP Event"

We are excited to introduce a new type of event into the game - the "RP Event". This event is unique in its format and will provide an exciting new challenge for players.

Event Duration

The RP Event will last for 5 days. However, it will only occur once per month. This means that each month, players will have a five-day window to participate and compete in the event.


The RP event will only have Research Points as prizes. This is a unique opportunity for players to earn additional Research Points and advance their gameplay.

Event Announcement

It will never be announced which days of the month the event will happen. This adds an element of surprise and encourages players to be prepared daily.

Supported Event Types

Certain event types are supported in the RP Event, while others are not. It's up to the players to discover which ones are supported in the coming months.

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