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Foosball Manager

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Foosball Manager: A Comprehensive Guide

Foosball Manager: Build Your Career on the Foosball Field

Foosball Manager is an exhilarating browser game that allows you to dive into the competitive world of foosball. It offers a unique blend of sports management and strategy, immersing you in the life of a foosball player.

From Amateur Tournaments to Official Championships

Starting your journey in amateur tournaments, you'll navigate through the complex and challenging world of foosball. As you progress, you'll be able to participate in official championships, testing your skills against the best in the game. The transition from an amateur to a professional foosball player is filled with trials and tribulations, but it's also incredibly rewarding and engaging.

Compete Against Players Worldwide

Foosball Manager is not just about playing against the computer. The game allows you to compete with players from all over the world. This feature brings an additional layer of excitement and competitiveness to the game. Whether you're from Europe, Asia, America, or anywhere else, you're welcome to join the game and show off your foosball management skills.

To sum up, Foosball Manager is an exciting and challenging browser game that simulates the life of a professional foosball player. From the amateur tournaments to the official championships, and the opportunity to compete against players worldwide, this game has it all. Get ready to build your career on the foosball field with Foosball Manager!

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"Funny and not wasting time game!
International community are growing..."

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FoosMan May 12, 2010

Funny and not wasting time game!
International community are growing...

FoosMan May 10, 2010

a funny and not-wasting-time game

it seems perfect for all the foosball lovers!

FoosMan April 21, 2010

Simpatico ed originale! Racchiude in se alcuni aspetti dei classici manageriali ed altre caratteristiche assolutamente originali!

Da provare...e poi ? tutto gratis!

FoosMan April 21, 2010

Good game, easy and funny!

There is many games each week, but it's not a wasting time game.

International leagues makes Foosball Manager unique in the genre!