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Cup rules and Portuguese translation

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Published 19/04/2012 by FoosMan

Exciting Updates on Foosball Manager

In our continuous effort to improve user experience and gameplay, we are excited to introduce new updates to Foosball Manager.

New Feature: Cup Rules

We understand the need for organizing friendly tournaments and the challenges that come with it. To make this process easier and more enjoyable, we have introduced the 'Cup Rules' option. This new feature is designed to prevent friendly games from ending in a draw, similar to a cup game. We believe this will enhance the competitive spirit and excitement of the game.

Portuguese Translation Under Construction

In our commitment to make Foosball Manager accessible to players worldwide, we are excited to announce that the Portuguese translation of the game is currently under construction. We would like to extend our gratitude to player Pedra de Baixo for his valuable contribution to this project. Stay tuned for more updates!

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