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Roboid Incorporated


A rich mobile-friendly RPG set in a post-apocalyptic city: you'll dive into mini games like hacking, take a political stand in a propaganda war for the districts, and buy, customize, and battle combat robots sold primarily by the mysterious mega corp Roboid Incorporated. Discover a deep, ongoing story through episodic missions and find out what Roboid is really up to! Ready to choose a side?

Publisher: Avinus
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"Awesome game. Players are super friendly, devs are active. Fun mech combat!"

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brews June 29, 2016

Awesome game. Players are super friendly, devs are active. Fun mech combat!

HypeDaGamer April 28, 2015

slowly growing, could use a little more multiplayer. co-op stuff. sorta a lot of solo stuff right now and some indirect mmo style activities but id like to see more

HypeDaGamer March 20, 2015

game has mad potential, still early stages of open beta but come give it a try if you liked Sock'em, Bop'em robots growing up.

skg February 27, 2015

Recent updates in the last month include an in-game forum (also mobile friendly) and a player market! The game is continuing to expand and updates are released regularly.

HypeDaGamer February 10, 2015

good game. laid back. could use a few more players. gets lonely talking to the NPCs :p

sirkanahan December 21, 2014

A fresh new browser RPG, headed in a good direction. It's really nice that it's mobile! The minesweeper style scavenging mini game is my favorite so far.

sirkanahan December 19, 2014

Fun mini-games and a captivating storyline that lets you choose which side you're fighting for. + you get to fight robots! :-)

skg November 21, 2014

A new game with a lot of potential. Totally mobile friendly which is a rare treat.