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Roboid Incorporated

Roboid Incorporated

Published 10/11/2014 by skg
Roboid Incorporated is a free, mobile friendly, browser-based, persistent multiplayer online game. It's an RPG with a full and ongoing story and mission system. As a new citizen of a destroyed city, you enter the world of combat bot fighting. Trainers buy and customize combat robots sold primarily by the mysterious mega corporation Roboid Incorporated. But there is more to do in the Capitol city than combat sports. Two major factions are trying to control the city - the corporate side who wants order and control, and the anarchists who want to bring down the system and change everything. Which side will you choose? Play mini-games like hacking into Roboid to siphon money from their accounts. Or tag districts to gain bonuses for your faction. Roboid Incorporated is under active development with new features being added weekly and missions to be released in a series of story seasons. We have a friendly player environment, in-game messaging and as a new, actively developed game - your input matters! Join for FREE today to find out what Roboid is really up to while choosing to fight or promote anarchy in this post-apocalyptic world.
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