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A much cleaner and more targeted games portal

Published 15/11/2011 by Browser MMORPG Team



Only official games listings allowed !

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our website. Starting Monday 14th Nov we no longer accept any game listings that are not linked directly to the presented game. Tracking parameters are allowed, but intermediary redirection pages or third party websites are not allowed anymore. We appologise to all the partners or advertising companies that got affected by this change, but our main goal is to provide CLEAN AND RELEVANT CONTENT. Sadly, allowing fan sites or listings submitted by 3rd parties/intermediary/agencies cause inconsistencies and confusion. Due to our unique ranking system, having unofficial listings also increases the abuse and fake votes risk.


Cleanup time

During the next days we will be cleaning our database of any game listing that doesn't fit to this new rule. Only true game listings will remain, no more partially uploaded game, no more spam listings and no more advertising-only games. Consider this the next step towards a much cleaner website.

We will slowly also reduce the number of advertisements on the site and increase the price of the ones remaining. Currently we are running under market price anyway.


More features for validated games

More advanced features will be provided to the validated games. Remember, validation is totally free and indicates that the owner is actively maintaining the listing updated and allows the players to submit their reviews about the game. We will contact games to discuss custom tailored partnership deals to offer a much more interesting content for the players that visit us. The gold shop is one such example of partnership with the listed games, and the develop of the shop will continue.


We are not the first and not the last website dedicated to games that tries to reinvent the wheel, its true. We started as a simple toplist a few years ago and now we experiment with features others never dreamed of. I believe that the services and features offered by this particular games portal exeed the quality of those offered by any other similar site. I see in not just an other toplist (like others that I own/run), but a leading portal among its kind.

We always listen and reply to what our members, both game developers and players, have to say. We even develop CUSTOM FEATURES! Please share us your thoughts via email.


Thank you for your time reading this,


Manuel Tanase

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