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Asgard Heroes

Asgard Heroes: Instant Builds Server

Published 23/02/2011 by asgard

In a remote corner of this universe, two alien species are engaged in a full-scale galactic war. Prove yourself worthy of leadership, travel to alien planets, colonize new worlds, challenge your enemies; all this and so much more you can do by simply playing the browser-based game Asgard Heroes. Fight, trade, raid and spy - you are put to the ultimate test with this game. Rebuild your colony, create new outposts, forge alliances... Asgard needs heroes like you!


Asgard Heroes has open a new game world for professional browser gamers. Follow to link to access the secret registration area, where you can register in order to get special in-game bonuses, such as: double the amount of starting crystals, lots of resources, double the storage capacity, and startup buildings at a higher level. The bonus registration link won't be there for long so go ahead and register right now here: Space Strategy Game. Good luck!

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