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Chronicles of Middle Ages

Chronicle of Middle Ages

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Chronicles: A Role-Playing Game Set in the Middle Ages

Chronicles is a unique role-playing game set in the Middle Ages. This immersive game takes you across the landscapes of European, Middle Eastern, and North African territories. As a player, you will find yourself in a dynamic environment where interaction with other players is key. The game's events and economy are driven by the community of players themselves.

In Chronicles, you have the opportunity to travel to major cities, engage in trade, rule territories, and lead armies. The game offers a broad scope for imagination and skill, allowing you to shape the fate of your character as you wish.

The chronicles of the game will narrate your deeds, creating a lasting record of your adventures and achievements in this medieval world. Whether you choose to be a fearless warrior, a cunning trader, or a wise ruler, your actions will leave a mark in the Chronicles.

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