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Chrono Wars: Light of Darkness

Chrono Wars: Light of Darkness

Published 16/03/2016 by ChronoWarsGMAlex
Once upon the Universe, the evil Phantom Army from the 5th-dimension invaded our world to steal Chrono Energy, the most precious resource that keeps our world going. You were called upon from your normal life to become the Guardian of Chronos and defend our time. You will begin your quest through distorted historical eras, command and fight hand-in-hand with the legendary heroes, such as The Great Ceasar, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Jeanne D’Arc, and Emperor Li Shimin. You will unite all living creatures and summon their power to batthe through glorious PVE, PVP, legion, and boss battles. During the time travels, you will uncover and collect historical relics, such as King Arthur’s crown, Robin Hood’s bow, and Merlin’s wand – all of which will add to your power to defend our time and order. The result? Of course you won, since we are still enjoying our life here on earth if not for you!
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