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Dynasty Saga

Dynasty Saga’s Four Best Features

Published 01/03/2011 by dynastysaga

Dynasty Saga’s Four Best Features


1.       Campaign Mode

This feature follows the historical progress of the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China and allows the player to battle all of the main characters of that era in succession. Starting with the Yellow Turban campaign the player must defeat around twenty enemy armies and generals per campaign in a set order. For example, in the Dong Zhuo campaign shown below, the player must first defeat the outposts (black), vanguards (also black), then the subordinate generals (gold) before dealing with the main generals (red). Once main generals have been defeated they can be recruited to join your army for a fixed fee. The large formation on the bottom is a Legion Battle and requires several players to band together to defeat an enemy legion of multiple armies.











2.       Training Generals

As mentioned earlier, once you have defeated an important general character’s army (red), you can recruit him/her to fight for you.

“Alas, defeat is a bitter pill to swallow. I, Dong Zhuo, vow to serve you until death.” He means it too.

Now you can recruit the vanquished general and make him fight for your cause.


Recruiting a famous general is one thing but he won’t much good on the battlefield unless you increase his stats through vigorous training. 


You can also equip your general with some awesome gear to make him a more fearsome warrior on the battlefield.

View the stats bonuses for each item of gear to get the best combination for your general.


Use the Enlighten function to improve your general’s attributes.



3.       Battle Tactics

When recruiting new generals you will notice that each general has different abilities and units under his command. For example, the famed warrior Lu Bu commands a Lion Brigade (high damage) and has Relentless Assault (launch two consecutive attacks) as his special ability or “Gambit” attack. Other characters may have the ability to boost your army’s morale or heal fallen units but may have very low defense capabilities. If a player is to defeat the enemy he must utilize the strengths and weaknesses of his generals as well as choosing the right battle formation with which to fight the enemy. Below is an example of how such tactics can be used in-game.

Defeating Diao Chan in the Dong Zhuo campaign

Diao Chan is an enemy general that appears quite early on in the game in the Dong Zhuo campaign. Many players, having defeated the armies before her with relative ease, will find themselves outmatched by her. This calls for a little strategizing on the player’s part. Diao Chan’s army is divided into three units arranged in an Arrowhead Form with a healer unit at the front, a troop of Diao Chan’s dancing girls in the middle and a formation of cavalry at the rear. The cavalry unit at the rear is the only unit with an offensive capability in the entire army. The role of other two units is to support the cavalry by both healing it and increasing its morale which increases the rate of Gambit attacks. The Gambit attack that the cavalry unit possesses is called Spearhead and has the effect of damaging a column of enemies as shown below.

The screenshot above shows the Spearhead attack in action, causing damage to all three friendly units. With Diao Chan’s morale-boosting dancers in place the cavalry unit can cast this Gambit attack at a much higher rate, giving your forces little chance of survival. What this calls for is a change in your army’s battle formation.

The formation shown above will give you a much better chance of overcoming the enemy cavalry unit’s Gambit attacks. As you progress through the historical campaign the number of recruitable generals will increase as will the variety of battle formations that you can employ. Enemies will also become harder to defeat so pay careful attention to the enemy’s abilities and adjust your units and formations accordingly. 


4.       Legion Battles

Legion battles occur both in the campaign, where several players combine forces to defeat historical enemies, as well as between different players in competing legions. Legion battles between competing legions fight for control of farms and silver mines and can be epic affairs involving up to a hundred players.

Even if your legion’s forces are not as impressive as those shown above the outcome of the battle is far from certain. Legion commanders may send their weaker members into battle first in order to gauge the relative strength of the enemy, adjusting their strategies in the process.

During legion battles you can choose to view, in detail, the battles that have already been fought in order to observe enemy unit types and battle formations. The information that you can obtain from this may be of vital importance to your comrades who will be up next.


The four features mentioned in this article are only a sample of Dynasty Saga’s gameplay. Spend any amount of time with this game and you will discover many more engrossing gameplay features that defy the traditional strategy game formula of resource collection and base building.


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