We are cellebrating 16 Years!!!


Published 28/07/2021 by rafa_sis
[b]FootballTeam[/b] Game is a Browser Football Manager, that is Free-to-Play and has interesting MMORPG elements on his gameplay. Realeased in 2009, the game make a great sucess in Poland and now they have servers in Europe and Latin America too. The gameplay consists in create a footballer, evolve him trough trainings and matches to enter in the best teams and win championships. The matches are similar to other Manager Sim Games, where the actions are based on the sum of the player's atributes, making the engine decides who will be the winner. The game doesn't have bots, all the players and even the manager are real people. The manager can sign contracts with players and decide the squad who will play the game, besides of increasing the stadium capacity and all the game tactics.
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