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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Exclusive Astrology, Good Fortune Comes!

Published 05/12/2012 by gamedp
As time goes on, the approach time of Chrono Tales Closed Beta is near. Ray Media already received approximately ten thousand emails registration from players asking for CBT Code. If gamers do not want to miss out, visit its Email Submit Page to get qualification.


In Chrono Tales, the genuine 3D MMORPG world, its mysteries Astrology is surrounding, bringing about more fun of gameplay. A random constellation from the 12 Zodiacs could be gained as long as the character is above Level 12. Each Zodiac has a different attribute, and if the zodiac that matches character’s development direction, you can become stronger.



Some may know Crystal Ball may foretell the future. In game, you could use it to begin astrology function. Also, gamers could use the first Crystal Ball to have a chance to activate the next level of Crystal Ball. A higher level Crystal Ball is more possible to generate a high quality Soul Star.


Astrolabes can be activated by any two Soul Stars. Different Astrolabes have different attributes. What is more, Soul Star will activate different types of Star Fortunes. In this way, there will be various combat ways due to different Star Fortunes. Most combination of Star Fortunes could cause diversified affects to PVP battles. Additionally, if four orange Soul Stars are equipped, it will arouse Zodiac Vigor of your character unique to each zodiac, which will bring great attributes bonus to your character. Of course, higher-level Soul Stars will generate better effects.



Soul Stars are divided into 5 qualities. Four Soul Stars could be owned at most at the same time. The better and the higher level the Soul Star is equipped, the more attribute bonus it can offer to the character. Wanna have your character unbeatable?  Join Chrono Tales, and enjoy astrology to get good fortune in game.


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