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Free Advertising Competition AWARDS

Published 25/02/2011 by Browser MMORPG Team


Free Advertising for your game



Thank you all for participating!

This competition was about using all our new features , not that difficult considering it was all to your benefit. The winners were selected based on their response time and involvementm here are the first two:


Titans Of Time

Forgotten Elements 

Read about the third winner status in a separate topic. Because the few games fighting for the 3rd spot were to slow to compete for this prize, the 3rd spot was reserved for a separate competition to be announced later. We appologise to all participating games but we will not grant a free advertising spot just to fill in the list if they do not really deserver/win it.


What means winning this competition?

It basically means the developers of these gamese care a lot about there games and were ready to implement changes with high priority. Usualy this translates into a highly dynamic evolution of the game, but of course this depends on many factors. Or "gift" for their motivation and involvement is that BrowserMMORPG will advertise these sites for a month, on the voting pages, will give them two month of premium membership and a "Featured" status (not purchasable)

During this period the above listed games will offer bonus reward codes or incentive voting for their voters! So be sure to vote them so you grab the free credits they offer ;) The amount of credits offered depends on each game and some might run out faster than the others


"Featured on" Badge

We also provides a badge that they can use on their site if they so wish too. The badge looks like this and can be linked to the voting link (or replace the current voting image)


Using this badge is entirely OPTIONAL and not a requirement for the contest

Advertising space for rent
G123 Japanese Games
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