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Game description now uses BBCODE

Published 31/08/2011 by Browser MMORPG Team

Game description no longer uses HTML


With the recent site changes there are some things that are no longer an option and need to be changed. Game descriptions can no longer be in HTML . You need to put them in plain text and use bbcodes for basic formatting. There is no technical way we could do that automated so you will have to edit your game entry and update its description (in you used html in it). The supported BBCODES are described below.

Supported BB-Codes
  • bold
  • italics
  • underline
  • typewriter text
  • strikethough
  • images
  • urls
  • quotations
  • code (pre)
  • colour
  • size

BBCode is simple to use and you can find numerous examples on the net on how to beautify your text using bbcodes. Here is just a short example:

 [b]this text will be bold[/b], [i]this text will be italics[/i], [img]put external image source here[/img]

We are still working on the new changes so some of the things might not work as expected.  If you spot any issue or need assistance with anything please contact us and someone will assist you as needed.

Have a great day and we wish you "many players!"

BrowserMMORPG Team
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