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Published 12/11/2011 by Browser MMORPG Team
Dear BrowserMMORPG members,
 we are proud to announce that the gold shop is finally up. Each time you vote for your favorite game you receive one gold unit. You can spend this gold for different items that you can pick from the new Gold Shop page. The sponsoring games were so kind to provide us with various items and benefits that you can purchase in exchange for your gold. The amount of gold you have shows how active you are as a voter, usualy that means you are a valuable and active player. Feel free to try different items from the shop and check out the games that provide them.

Something you wish for?
We take orders :) If there is something you wish to see in the gift shop, please contact us and we will try to discuss your request with the game masters. If you believe the gold price of an item is too high or too low, comparing to its money-value within the game, please let us know.

Want to be a sponsor?
If you wish to sponsor the shop with game related virtual items or real items that are somehow game related (promotional items, board games accessories, etc), contact us for details.

We are committed to bring you new and exciting features constantly!

BrowserMMORPG Team
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