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Incentive voting technical detail page

Published 24/02/2011 by Browser MMORPG Team

You can now read more details on how to implement the incentive voting feature. Check the "[Edit voting incentive URL]" page under "My Games" section of your account.

Incentive voting allows you to reward players for voting and is highly flexible to adapt for whatever incentive system you are currently using.

To do that you need to set the Incentive URL to your processing script and change voting url to pass the userid of the voting player. Read the exact technical details there.

Giving a small reward or bonus each time someone actually votes will encourage players to vote for your game and bring it up higher on the toplist.

The reward can be of any sort, from things like 2 cents credit in the shop store to more HP or action points. Instead of having your players vote just randomly and rarely when they remember to do it because you asked them, you could have them vote actively and constantly so that they receive the incentive.


This feature is also required for the Free Advertising Competition currently still running.

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