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Published 31/07/2011 by Browser MMORPG Team

Upcoming Reorganization of Featured Games

In the upcoming period, we will be reorganizing the featured games section of our platform. The selection of games for this category is not random. Instead, it is a carefully curated list based on the quality of gameplay, interface, and overall user experience of the games.

Our aim is to promote games that we believe offer the best experience to our users. Therefore, the selection process is rigorous and requires a deep understanding of each game's features and capabilities.

How to Participate

To show your interest in having your game featured, please provide us with a test account. This will allow us to explore your game at its best and make an informed decision about whether it fits into our featured games category.

Please note that only games that provide us with a test account will be considered for the featured games section. This is to ensure that we can thoroughly evaluate each game and select only the best for our users.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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